11 High-Rating K-Pop Tracks So Awesome They’re Worth Sharing

Vocal range is certainly not the only measure of a singer’s talent, but there is something so impressive about a good high note. It can add a lot of feeling to a powerful ballad or a beautiful musicality to an energetic pop track. K-pop is full of great examples, but here are a few that really shine!

1. NCT 127 – “Simon Says”

There are a lot of super talented singers in NCT, so you can bet they are enjoying their songs! “Simon Says” is just one of many NCT ​​tracks with a truly killer bridge, and senior member Taeil’s high note in this one is so fantastic, it has to be heard to be believed.


TWICE’s leader Jihyo and senior member Nayeon are well-known as the group’s powerful vocalists, and they really brought their A-game to “I CAN’T STOP ME.” The ad-libs during the choruses are definitely some of TWICE’s best, and they add a whole new dimension to the song.

3. TXT – “MOA Log”

This adorable TXT song is entirely dedicated to the fans of the group, MOA. It’s pretty cool that the toughest riff in the band’s entire discography to date comes from this track, because it shows how determined the members are to show their best in MOA. Singer Taehyun really went all out on this riff, because it’s super high!

4. aespa – “Wild”

The interesting part of “Savage” is that it allows the members of aespa to show off what they do best, highlighting the smooth rap sections and very powerful vocals! There’s something so satisfying about the transition between vocal lines and rap parts, and Ningning really kills the ultra-high ad lib in the bridge.

5. SEVENTEEN – “Pretty U”

Right from the great a capella intro, you can tell this song is going to have some fantastic vocals. “Pretty U” features a truly impressive run from vocalist Seungkwan, which is actually more prominent on the live stage than on the recorded track. It’s even more impressive!

6. NMIXX – “OO”

“OO” may be NMIXX’s debut track, but their vocals sound like seasoned pros! Senior member Lily in particular shows off some pretty remarkable stuff, with a smooth, almost jazzy run through the middle of the song. She has also already proven that she sounds just as flawless singing it without a track, which is an incredible skill.

7. ATEEZ – “Nero Black Cat”

This is a cover of the original Turbo track “Black Cat Nero” from the ATEEZ era on “Immortal Songs 2”, and it’s definitely memorable! Besides the group’s hard-hitting performances, maknae Jongho’s high note really makes the song stand out. Just when you think the note can’t go any higher, Jongho continues to sing!

8. UI – “Good day”

“Good Day” was released 10 years before this performance, but IU proves she can still hit the high note just as perfectly. Her stability when singing the run is incredible, especially considering how long she can hold the note. She’s a legendary K-pop singer for a reason!

9. Stray Kids – “Neverending Story”

Stray Kids as a group aren’t necessarily known for their heartfelt ballads, but ‘Neverending Story’ proves they should be! Originally released as an OST, the vocals are beautiful. The high notes are steady and smooth, especially considering the fact that the highest note in the song comes from Han – who is a rapper!

10. Red Velvet – “Happiness”

In the first album heard “around the world”, Red Velvet caused a stir with “Happiness”. One of the most memorable parts is singer Wendy’s iconic high note from the bridge, which is part of why that debut album stood out so much in the K-pop world. Wendy is undeniably talented and her voice is fabulous!

11. BTS – “Magic Shop”

“Magic Shop” is a very special song for BTS fans, not only because it has a lot of meaning, but also because it features some of the best vocals of the group! The high notes of the chorus prove that the band is filled with stellar singers, and this live performance also includes some really cool ad-libs that only add to the “wow” factor.

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