15 best disco and funk tracks of October 2021


Disco ball

October is crammed with Kylie and Duran Duran and Louis La Roche, oh my gosh, to name a few! As the holidays approach and you get ready to spend some time with your loved ones, don’t forget to take the time to dance a little too!

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1. Kylie Minogue & Years & Years – A Second to Midnight

Kylie minoguelove of Years and years Olly Alexander knows no bounds! The duo are back with “A Second To Midnight”, another disco collaboration that will appear on Disco: Editing the guest list. The floor is a light, bouncy dance floor that is as welcome on pop radio as it is on the dance floor. Watch the fun face swap video below.

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2. Duran Duran – Beautiful lies

Duran Duran is back with his 15th album Future / Past, celebrating the group’s 40th anniversary. “Beautiful Lies” is the product of the group’s collaboration with the iconic Giorgio Moroder. The track has a thoroughly modern feel while still capturing the signature disco / synth sound that Moroder has perfected with Gave summer. This song could have fit on an album in 1982, but luckily it’s a treat for 2021.

3. Funky Loffe – Street Dreams

Funky loffe created a funky and sexy dream landscape with their version of “Street Dreams”. This track is full of slap bass, soft synths, clapping hands and purring female vocals. If that doesn’t get your groove moving, nothing will! Find out on Cut / Chase Records.

4. Da Lukas – Free and happy fto eat. Music 2

Ghetto Disco Records quickly cemented its place in the disco genre as a label to get noticed on, and Da Lukas take full advantage of it with “Free and Happy”, a sensual and funky groove just begging to be played at the nightclub and at your next night out. If you like vintage organs, funky bass and just a little Latin rhythm, then this is the song for you!

5. Louis La Roche – A great gay nightclub

Welcome Louis La Roche back to the nightclub! Louis always dives 100% with his music, no matter the genre, and on “One Big Gay Disco” he takes a little hate speech and turns it into a dancefloor burner. If America is a great gay nightclub, then this should be a truly fabulous place to live!

6. Super Disco Club – The feat of happiness. Sadako Pointer (SDC Classic Mix)

Great nightclub is new in this ranking, but they arrived with a full disco twist on “Happiness!” It’s hard to go wrong when you have the vocal talents of Sadako pointer, the granddaughter of Ruth Pointer, who also represents a third generation of The Pointer sisters. What makes this song great is the classic disco sound that makes it seem like it could have been a hit in 1978 or now.

7. Infrasoul – So Groovy

Spa In Disco Records has another winner with Infraoul‘s World on Groove EP. Every track is great on this EP so it was hard to pick just one, but the dance floor will definitely be “So Groovy”. This track starts off sounding very Latin inspired and maintains that vibe while adding a punchy backbeat to light those party fires!

8. Brothers In Arts – Back to where you started

Art brothers are back, this time on Spa In Disco Records with “Back Where You Start”. This track has a deeply funky voice and is backed by fierce brass, which is very reminiscent of all those great brass sections that made the 70s so great! Don’t think this is a step backwards because there is enough to keep this 2021 track ready!

9. MVC Project – Joy (Basement Mix)

Continuing with the Latin-tinged tracks, “Joy (Basement Mix)” begins with the basics of “You Should Be Dancing” but spins it on his ear for about 30 seconds, making the track his own. MVC Project cleverly interwoven the classic tune with their own little jazzy jam, and it’s magic! Find out on Hive Label now. So good indeed!

10. Groovemasta – Right behind you

Mango Sounds present Groovemasta and their fantastic track “Right Behind You”. The track is a slow burner at first, which makes it all the brighter when the bass kicks in at 1:21. By then, the song has already hooked you, and you won’t want to be anywhere other than the dance floor when this jam takes you over!

11. Mr. Van Pratt – Sax Factor

Always count on Mr. Van Pratt to give you a jam that will make you get up and shake your groove! “Sax Factor” is a slower tempo, but make no mistake about it. There’s enough funk to get you down and enough sax to cheer you up! Discover this track on the Vision of Love Ep 1.

12. Shaka loves you – Get off

“Get Down” is a real old fashioned jam. Shaka loves you makes this track sound like you pulled it out of your grandparents’ singles, the kind of record that was played on the best basement dance party. Be it the inspiration for your next party in the backyard or in the basement with your friends!

13. George Kelly – I Do Me feat. Damon trueitt

“I Do Me” is a classic example of old school funk wrapped in a modern shell. George kelly channels its inner funk with bass and synths, but it’s Damon trueitt‘s vocals that go straight to the funk of the case. This EP also includes a nu-disco version, but for me my money is on the original version.

14. Moods – Ecstasy

Moods “Ecstasy” is a moody synth and instrumental jam focused on bass. The subtle addition of jazz flute and sax to the synth strings will overwhelm you like, well, the first wave of the song title. This is the first release of the new album Music has ruined my life and can’t wait to see what the full LP has to offer.

15. NICOLAAS – Forever always feat. Kimchii

Winnipeg, Canada NICOLAS, and Stockholm, Sweden Kimchii have joined forces via the internet to create the perfect “Forever Always” nu-disco slow burner. Kimchii takes care of the vocals on the original mix of this track. The combination of his mellow vocal styles, mellow synths, and just enough bass to keep the funk going takes us on a journey of nostalgia and reminiscing of past love while growing from the experience. You can find this one on Too Slow To Disco Neo.

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