5 career highlights shared so far by indie band Nectar

The follow-up to 2022’s single “Waiting On The World (Won’t Work)”, the latest release from soul-pysch groovers Nectar, “Find A New Friend”, continues the band’s laid-back charm that also introduces funk- disco.

A song that came together as the foursome jammed out the chorus during a rehearsal session, the themes of “Find A New Friend” revolve around a toxic relationship that comes to a natural end.

“As usual, this song started out as a jam; Matt and Jac were just jamming the chorus in rehearsal and it caught the attention of Jack and Judah, so they kept playing,” the group said.

“Jack then went home and wrote the chords for the verse.

“Unlike the chorus, it’s a more laid back melodic section, something we liked to put together because you get a bunch of different feels and vibes throughout the song.

“Judah, as usual, wrote the lyrics after the whole instrumental was put together. This song really fell into place.”

The band adds: “‘Find A New Friend’ is a toxic start-to-end story of an obstructive relationship where you realize the only healthy thing to do was move on.

“The story is told cohesively over a bright, euphoric instrument that slowly but surely builds to the climax where the person eventually ‘passes on’ over intense, washed-out sounds.

“Compared to her content and more satiated counterpart, you can begin to see how things can change for the better after leaving an obstructive relationship, and the light that can blossom into your life because of this person.”

In no particular order, the group lists the highlights of their career so far.

Signing of Tone City Records

It meant so much to us to work with Sam Ford and establish our sound with his support. The relationships we have built working with Sam have helped us immensely and we are so excited to see where the future takes us.

Every launch we’ve hosted

We are always so invested in putting on a good show/night for our fans that preparing for these shows tends to be stressful and somewhat daunting, in a good way of course.

So when the night rolls around and the support groups start (which are always amazing) it’s an amazing experience not just to be a part of but to have set up.

Go to Leeman to record a demo

During one of the long weekends, we ventured north to a small town called Leeman, to our bassist Matt’s childhood home; we’ve taken all of our instruments and recording gear and released a bunch of demos that will inevitably be refined into songs you’ll hear one of these days.

We also got a bunch of cool footage from the weekend (including Jac blowing out candles on his birthday cake!) which will hopefully see the light of day in the not-too-distant future.

Judah also went into leader mode and grilled a tailor caught in the dangerous waters by the whole group collectively.

Have guests appear on stage

So far we’ve had trumpets, keyboards and backing vocals from some of our amazing friends and siblings – it’s always exciting as it brings a new element to the show and gives the audience something new and exciting. fresh in the Nectarsphere.

We’re always looking to have new hot appearances at our gigs, so if anyone has contact details for Chuck Norris, DJ Khalid or David Attenborough, get in touch immediately.

Take time to focus on the breath

If you’ve read this far, maybe it’s time to put the screen down and listen to your heart. Now listen to our latest track!

Nectar supports The Buoys at Indian Ocean Hotel (Perth) 8 July.

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