“80% of the group speaks poor Spanish” – escYOUnited

There are only 7 days left until the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy! Connor speaks with a Slovenian representative SLP after their second rehearsal in Turin. They talked about whether they expected to win the Slovenian national final, the story behind their group name and the message behind their song ESC2022. Check out our interview in the video below!

LPS (Last Pizza Slice) is a teenage pop band consisting of Filip (vocals), Gašper (drums), Mark (electric guitar), Zala (bass guitar, tenor and alto saxophone) and Žiga (electric keyboards). The group has been together since 2018, when they met in their school’s music room. Despite their relatively short time as an actor, LPS have already managed to rack up an impressive number of performances at festivals and concerts across the country.

In addition to the disco that most new fans will now associate them with, LPS also dabbles in soul-pop, funk, blues, rock, and jazz. Early in their career, they developed a devoted fan base through their original, non-commercial renditions of commercial hits. Some might assume that the title of their entry implies a carefree tale of getting lost in uplifting disco music, but the lyrics tell the sad (and true) story of band singer Filip, who was dumped by his girlfriend… in a nightclub. Eurovision.tv

LPS first won a ticket to participate in the Slovenian national final EMA by competing in EMA Freš and ultimately won the entire national final. The group will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin and will perform 5th in the 1st semi-final on May 10 in Turin, Italy.

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