Artist Rootspence Releases New EP Hello Summer – Five Tracks Soaked in Sunshine and the Spirit of Ubuntu



2020 WAM Award nominee and seven-time Reverb Nation Featured Artist root expense releases her brand new EP Hello Summer on November 26, 2022a celebration of the rich musical culture of southern Africa and the discovery of what challenges us, motivates us and pushes us towards a greater goal.

Rootspence explains, “During a masterclass in 2021 with GRAMMY-winning songwriter and producer Vincent Berry II and other Southern African artists, I was amazed by the beats, melodies and lyrics. incredible shared by our music community. Throughout my career, I felt that African music and traditions had yet to be fully explored, and that blending African roots with existing genres could be a great starting point for music production. experimental.

Hello Summer’s five tracks infuse two distinct genres, Reggae and Amapiano, the latter a contemporary style of house music that has emerged in South Africa over the past decade, blending jazz, lounge and deep house to create a fusion of styles. which resonates with energy. and the spirit.

From the opening beats of the opening track ‘Ubuntu’, Rootspence’s sense of joy towards the world is evident. The lyrics and title reflect the wisdom of “ubuntu”, an ancient African philosophy meaning humanity towards others – something that runs through every track of the EP.

“Follow Me,” featuring musician Jhalil Wilson, plays with reggae beats and syncopated drum beats to create a fast-tempo, layered track with lyrics encouraging the listener to pursue their heart’s desire. Slowing down the tempo of “In These Jeans,” the jazz-infused track seeks to remind would-be lovers of the enduring qualities of a truly good man.

“Conqueror” – with its shimmering percussion and soft vocal line – takes the listener on a spiritual journey of self-affirmation, guided by the power of God’s light. Closing the EP, ‘Mohamed Aly’ again emphasizes the importance of showing kindness and generosity without expecting anything in return. The song, with its traditional reggae beats and bass groove, was written to commemorate the man who fired ‘ubuntu’ at Rootspence throughout his life.

Born Helio Sixpence in Malawi in 1983, Rootspence discovered his talent for music at an early age, championed by his church and school educators. From their home in Mozambique, Rootspence are rapidly making strides on the music scene with their unparalleled sound and style. Inspired by his own life experiences, Rootspence creates engaging and dynamic music that seeks to inform and inspire listeners.

Faith and community prove to be strong forces throughout Rootspence’s new EP, with “ubuntu” ever present in the music. He says, “For the rest of the summer, my goal is to continue to share my love and appreciation for those following my journey. “Ubuntu” is the message of collaboration and unity that I want to share with people throughout the upcoming holiday season and beyond. I hope they will find their own source of “ubuntu” in my music.

Hello Summer is released digitally on all platforms on November 26, 2022 | Pre-recorded EP link

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Track list


2. Follow me

3. In these jeans

4. Conqueror

5. Muhammad Ali

Notes to Editors

Géraldo “M. Dino” Edgar Andre Gabriel, Executive Producer, Mix & Master

EJ Rams Records, Producer, Mohamed Aly Instrumental

Jhalil Wilson, featured artist, Follow Me & In These Jeans

Ayres Mwana Ngana, Contributor, Ubuntu

Nelson Dinis Uqueio Contributor, Ubuntu

Rassy Kani, backing vocals, Mohamed Aly

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Country: United States

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