Avalyn, Lykke Li and more

The impressive wall of sound from the early 90s that underlies AvalynRide’s new single When We Were Nothing has received some extra authentic posting from Ride’s Mark Gardener, who mastered the track.

The core of the band – Andy Power and Ben Croft – have been recording together for just a few months and described how this song, just the second they wrote together, developed:

“Our guitarist Ben brought the lead riff and I could tell from the start it was going to be awesome, so I wrote a verse for it and then we wrote the lyrics together,” Power said.

The Amazons are back with their new album How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me? and its main title Bloodrush.

“The verses are all about communicating with my girlfriend – I was tired of the monotony of waiting to see her,” says Matt Thomson.

“We finally met in Mexico, quarantined for two weeks together, and then spent two wonderful months together in Los Angeles. I came home and went straight to Jamie Hartmann where we captured the rush of what I had just experienced. It’s about everything you never want to be without and the joy of giving it back to you.

Lykke LiEyeye’s new album is a multimedia adventure that will be released on May 20th.

Accompanying the songs on the disc – of which No Hotel is the first to be shared – seven “visual loops” produced by Theo Lindquist on 16mm film, complete the presentation of a story that is described as “the cycles that return eternally of love, addiction, relapse and obsession”.

“We wanted to capture the beauty and grandeur of a three-hour European arthouse film, while creating something native to modern media,” says Lykke.

Isaac Holman of the Slavs will release his first solo album Monkey Brain Baby Dave April 22.

Scheduled to be played live at a release day gig in his hometown Tunbridge Wells Forum, the album comes after Holman faced mental health issues as the world went into lockdown, working at a gradual recovery and subsequent musical support from Damon Albarn.

“Monkey Brain is a collection of tracks written shortly after a debilitating mental breakdown in early 2019, up until now,” he explains.

Zola Jesus embraced a new spirit of collaboration on their new album Arkhon.

Producer Randall Dunn and percussionist Matt Chamberlain were brought into the creative fold as Nika Roza Danilova aka took a leap of faith and embraced whatever the outcome of this new approach.

The first taste is Lost – reflecting “lost hope, lost future, lost present, lost planet”.

RATSNew single Jenny is streaming online as the band prepare to support Liam Gallagher at the Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust tonight.

“Jenny is the story of a college student who is forced into college by her parents, but she has bigger dreams that quickly turn sour,” says Joe Maddocks.

Following the TCT appearance, the band will be playing more UK gigs next month with The K’s and are also set to support The Sherlocks at the O2 Academy in Leeds in June.

Here’s what I need to know, the new piece of !!!Let It Be Blue’s next album, is a song about “the moment you know a relationship is over”, according to the band:

“Either because you’re done or because you realize the other person is. It’s about how all the details of those moments, like an Aaliyah song on the radio or watching the snow fall through a window, also imprint themselves in your memory.

“Musically, the first half builds using arpeggiated synths, trance hits and layers of percussion. For the second half, we sampled a little bit of the end of the chorus, the last two chords and the word ‘over’ to create a loop.

Hatching premiered their new single Lights On.

Written during 2020 sessions with producer Jorge Elbrecht in Los Angeles, it’s one that was born to a drum beat inspired by Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Kiss Them For Me:

“The song is about a tumultuous and secret relationship that comes to a crossroads,” she explains. “Feeling completely and utterly smitten with each other but realizing it might not work despite the fact that no one else has ever made you feel as good as them.”

Joan as a policewoman shared the collaboration with Damon Albarn from the recent album The Solution Is Restless which is itself a collaboration with Dave Okumu and the late and legendary drummer Tony Allen.

And the Get My Bearings video brings in another particularly talented name, Joan Wasser explaining how their first meeting initially caught her off guard:

“When Matt Weiner and I met, he just told me he was a writer. I had no idea he was also the creator of MadMen and wrote half of The Sopranos! So it’s no surprise that being directed by him was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

Inasmuch as

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