Compilation of rare 1960s tracks by 10cc’s Kevin Godley and Lol Creme out in June

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A collection of rare recordings of 10cc co-founders Kevin Godley and Lol Cream from the late 1960s will be released on June 10.

Frabjous Days – The Secret World of Godley & Creme 1967-1969 includes tracks the duo made under the name Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon for a planned 1969 album for the British music impresario Georgio Gomelskythe Marmalade label which never came out.

The compilation also includes a solo track from 1969 that Godley and Creme’s future 10cc bandmate Graham Gouldman recorded for Marmalade entitled “The Late Mr. Late”, and two previously unreleased songs written by Gouldman which the duo recorded in 1969 – “Hot Sun” and “Virgin Soldiers”.

Other tracks on the album include two songs from a January 1968 single that Godley and Cream released under the moniker The Yellow Bellows Room Boomand two previously unreleased tracks from an acetate recording from June 1968.

Frabjous Days comes with a 28-page booklet featuring a new essay, plus rare photos and memorabilia.

“These songs sound like they were written and recorded before we were born…and in a way, they were,” Godley says. “It’s the sound of two young art students having fun on the weekends, stringing chords and words together for the pure, explosive buzz of hearing what’s happening. There’s a thrill not to be knowing what you’re doing but still aiming high and that, I think, is exactly what’s going on in these recordings.”

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Here is the full list of tracks from the album:

The Marmalade Sessions 1969
1. “I’m Beside Me” (album version) *
2. “Chaplin House”*
3. “Cowboys and Indians”*
4. “It’s the best seaside in the world”*
5. “Fly Away” (Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon LP version)*
6. “Take me back”*
7. “Today”*
8. “Hot Sun”*
9. “Virgin Soldiers”*
10. “The Late Mr. Late” — Graham Gouldman
11. “To Fly Away” (Marmalade sampler LP version)
12. “I am next to me” (single version)
13. “Animal Song”

Bonus tracks (recorded 1967–1969)
14. “See things green”
15. “The Easy Life”
16. “One and one make love”*
17. “Over and Over My Head”*
18. “Hello Blinkers”
19. “Goodnight Blinkers”

1-7: Unreleased album by Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon, recorded circa September 1969
8-9: Unreleased acetate of songs by Graham Gouldman performed by Godley and Creme, recorded circa July 1969
10-11: From the Label Sampler Marmalade – 100% Proofreleased in June 1969
12-13: Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon single, released September 1969
14-15: The Yellow Bellow Room Boom single, released January 1968
16-17: Unreleased acetate, recorded around July 1968
18-19: Promotional vinyl pressing for Blinkers nightclub, circa late 1969

* = unpublished.

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