Cumbrian band announce new single and Kendal call date

A CUMBRIAN group announces a brand new single and festival dates.

Deathretro has announced their new single titled “Exit Point”, which is Deathretro’s first completely original composition in over a decade.

The group was founded by Kie, Adrian and Boone, three friends of Brough and Winton. Deathretro forged a lively sound with the drama of the sprawling hills around them and the local party scene they grew up in.

Now based in Manchester and backed by producer and drummer Grant Henderson, the band finally released their self-titled debut album late last year.

Around the release, Deathretro is lining up a series of big hits from spring and summer festival dates, including Kendal Calling which will give fans another opportunity to see the band perform “Exit Point” live.

Having already played the track live at a few gigs, Adrian of Deathretro sums up the response so far: “It’s the only track from the second album that we’ve played live and to great reception… It’s punk, urgent, does its job.”

Alive with an experimental electro-rock vibe and a touch of confident production, the track is a polished and powerful introduction to the band.

Receiving early praise for his infectious guitar sound, vocal delivery and disco-punk energy, there’s solid anticipation building ahead of the release of the debut album due out later this year.

Creating an infectious melee of roaring guitars, raw vocals and hard-hitting disco-punk energy, the band’s debut was hailed by the likes of Louder Than War who praised it: “a truly exhilarating experience… One could to say that Deathretro is the country’s best-kept musical secret”.

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