Discover the greatest samples of dance music: two DJs share the most recognized sounds

Dance music and EDM have their roots in sample culture, where an artist takes stems and tracks from their favorite artists into their music. The practice dates back decades and is so ingrained in what dance music is today that we might not even recognize that some of today’s most popular records are built entirely from samples culled from generations past.

Plastik Funk and YouNotUs’ latest album, “Make A Living”, is one of those records…

And with this fantastic track hitting the airwaves, we decided to sit down with the producers to get their insiders’ take on the other records built from secret or not-so-secret samples. They came back with a long list of some of the game’s biggest samples, so let’s stop killing time and dive into the list.

Stream “Making a Living” Below

The track is a high-energy club smasher with a low-thumb bassline and energetic synth explosions that scream for peak-hour DJ play. It has all the elements needed to be a hit song of its kind and is definitely something to listen to before it goes into major rotation on the global club scene.

The exact sample used in this track is discussed later, so for those who don’t already recognize it, have a quick listen below and read on to find the source sound that forms the basis of this incredible song.

Loleatta Hollway – “Feeling of Love”

Plastik Funk: A classic anthem would be a classic without this one – probably one of the most recognizable tracks of all time that set the dance floor on fire without fail!

Used in “Ride on Time” by Black Box

20th Century Steel Band – “Heaven and Hell Are on Earth”

YouNotUs: Like many 2000s partygoers, we immediately fell in love with this snippet the day we heard it on JLo’s hit track “Jenny From the Block.” She incorporates it into her style, bringing a JLo-style swagger and R&B soul to the song.

Used in YouNotUs x Plastik Funk ‘Make A Living’

Etta James – ‘Something I Care About’

Plastic Funk: Avicii did it like no one else and introduced such an iconic voice to a new generation of dance fans, completely reworking her topline in a unique way that took the industry by storm; The “levels” will still be legendary for decades and decades to come.

Used in ‘Levels’ by Avicii

Airto – ‘Celebration Suite’

YouNotUs: We loved this sample used in Bellini’s 90s anthem, “Samba de Janeiro”, it even inspired our version, “Samba”. Everything about the track screams summer vibes; the Latin American infusion, the playful percussion pattern and that vast brass hook that gets stuck in your head for days.

Used in YouNotUs ft. Louis III ‘Samba.’

Nitro Deluxe – “Let’s Be Brutal”

Plastic Funk: I know people from all walks of life who love the Inner City version of this track that spins the riff out of control in the best way!

From old school club kids to today’s ravers, from sweaty basements to main stages, it never gets anything but a fantastic response from the audience!

Used in – ‘Big Fun’ by Inner City

P.Diddy feat. Ginuwine, Loon and Mario Winans – “I Need a Girl (Part 2)”

YouNotUs: P.Diddy’s original release is a smooth, slow-tempo hip-hop track, so we love how James Hype and Miggy Dela Rosa turned it into a club-ready dance song with a groovy kick. emphasizing this excellent guitar sample.

Used in James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari

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Chaka Khan – ‘Destiny’

Plastic Funk: The French touch of dance music is one of the best for doing this; Stardust was one when they turned Chaka Khan’s track into an essential part of “Music Sounds Better With You” which is undeniably A*.

Used in “Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust

Eddie Johns – ‘No More Spells on You’

YouNotUs: Daft Punk’s “One More Time” is simply iconic. Twenty years later, it’s still an absolute dancefloor bomb that will burst into any live set. Daft Punk took this hard-hitting horn section and turned it into one of the most instantly recognizable tracks in dance music.

Used in Daft Punk – One More Time

Rare Pleasure – ‘Let Me Down Easy’

Plastic Funk: So many uses of disco are present in house music past and present, and here David Morales uses the original’s piano to be the backbone of “Needin’ U”, electric!

Used in ‘Needin’ U’ by David Morales:

New Concept – ‘The Way’

YouNotUs: Ninetoes’ Finder was a track we used to spin around in our own DJ sets. We love the undulating sound of the steel drums and the irresistible melody that makes you want to get up and dance.

It was a great honor to have the chance to put our spin on this sample in one of our 2021 dance tracks.

Used in Ninetoes – Finder and YouNotUs & Mi Casa – ‘Chucks’

Boney M – ‘I Gotta Go Home’

Plastic Funk: Duck Sauce dominated the airwaves and did it mischievously when they sampled Boney M for ‘Barbra Streisand’ – it’s funny, hands-up, and it’s also just a massive banger!

Used in ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce:

Nightcrawlers – ‘Push the Feeling (The Dub of Doom)’

YouNotUs: Everyone heard this track over the summer after it became a viral hit on social media. The original is an old-school classic, but we love how Riton and Nightcrawlers have brought it up to date for today’s generation of partygoers with the sing-song vocal line and popping synth effects on that unmistakable tune. This is a great summer party track!

Used in Riton and Nightcrawlers feat Mufasa & Hypeman – Friday (Dopamine edit)

The Clash – “Straight to Hell”

Plastic Funk: Diplo produced this track, and a lot of producers still love putting their spin on “Paper Planes” today, a massive track that was all over the radio when it came out; I especially love how Diplo used the melody from The Clash to become something we now associate with this release. Epic!

Used in “Paper Planes” by M.IA. :

MANDY and Booka Shade – ‘Body Language’

YouNotUs: If you like house music, you must like this sample. MANDY and Booka Shade’s original is a dancefloor classic with a deeper synthpop flair and an experimental edge. However, Jax Jones teaming up with vocalist Raye to sample that groovy bassline in “You Don’t Know Me” was epic!

Used in Jax Jones feat Raye – You Don’t Know Me:

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