Doordash points SOUTH, lands top spot in second quarter top ten leads chart

DoorDash’s “Passion Should Never Go Hungry” campaign from its in-house team features a spot in which a diverse crowd of football fans follow the lead of a passionate capo. As he roars a catchy football chant, to the tune of “When The Saints Go Marching In” with playfully altered Spanglish lyrics, the horde marches through the streets, demanding what they most desire: food. food. Singing about their love of pizza and fries, the vocals deepens with increasing layers of harmony and instrumentation, building into a full-fledged musical experience as it reaches its crescendo.

DoorDash, an official sponsor of Major League Soccer, turned directly to LA-based SOUTH Music & Sound for the ad, which was directed by production house London Alley’s Luke Monaghan. With the song and lyrics already chosen by DoorDash, SOUTH was responsible for everything else, from original music and voice casting to arrangement, sound design and final mixing. The end result clinched first place in PULLTable of the ten best leads of the second quarter of 2022.

Striving for authenticity, the DoorDash team wanted a raw, guttural performance from people with real connections to football culture. SOUTH managed to assemble a team of singers with the right experience to deliver an authentic performance. A testament to the success of the casting process, the team found a Spanish-speaking leader to sing the bilingual lyrics, with a voice that eerily matches the on-screen actor.

Building up the vocals in layers, the audio features mostly pre-recorded singers with the captured sound of the ensemble sprinkled in for added realism. Working closely with the DoorDash team to create a more full-bodied experience, SOUTH adapted the sound to meet their needs as they evolved with each cut, incorporating additional vocals for a more diverse sound and more people singing just to greater musicality.

During the post, the teams worked to strike a balance between raw power and cinematic grandeur. Creating two versions of the audio, one truly raw and one perfectly polished, SOUTH worked to incorporate both into the spot, evolving from guttural to musical through the addition of a subtle orchestra mid-stream. By adding that cinematic touch, SOUTH managed to imbue the sound with a level of playfulness that handles the humorous lyrics of the vocals. Increasing this magical element as the song progresses, the final composition guides the audience, subtly heightening the emotion as it reaches its climax.

Dan Pritikin, partner and creative director at SOUTH, commented: “This project has been a really positive experience from start to finish. DoorDash were such collaborative creative partners, and we really appreciate the confidence they had in us to deliver a flawless performance that balances raw power with musicality. Nothing compares to that little moment of anticipation when you’re about to receive the cup and the relieved joy you feel when you realize it’s really going to work.

Ann Haugen, partner and executive producer at SOUTH, added: “Every new project we do forces us to bring new perspectives to the table and go beyond the traditional musical track – and we have absolutely succeeded in raising the bar. challenge of it. I felt so pressured to figure out how to meet all the different criteria to do something amazing. Watching it come together slowly and finish better than expected is priceless – it’s definitely one of my favorite projects we’ve done this year.

Pritikin and Haugen were part of a SOUTH ensemble on DoorDash that also included composer, sound designer and audio post-mixer Robin Holden, composer Jon Darling and producer Allison Lapinski.

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