Fresh Tracks: Jon Martin makes a strong impression with his new album

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Jon Martin – This Could Be Our Year

Jon Martin is a new face on the Edmonton music scene, having moved here from Lethbridge last year, but his music arrives heavily steeped in nostalgia.

This Could Be Our Year is his latest release, stemming from the turmoil the pandemic has torn through our lives. Martin was forced to scuttle a tour his alternate country band Jon Martin and Lovers had been plotting, redirecting his energy to creating This Could Be Our Year.

The sound Martin creates on the album is reminiscent of the radio-friendly brand of alternative rock popular on radio in the early 2000s – think early Pete Yorn and Ryan Adams; solid songs that draw on the roots of classic rock but in a contemporary setting.

Content of the article

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A wrist injury in 2019 forced Martin to put the guitar down and learn to play the piano, ultimately spurring This Could Be Our Year’s nine songs. Recorded with musicians around the world (a drummer from Denver, Colorado, a bassist in New York, a pianist Rhodes from Manchester and a Brazilian flautist feature on many songs), Martin, also listed as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, puts lyrics to the conduct of the music.

Kicking off with the climax of the single and album, Simple Things finds Martin squarely in singer-songwriter mode, reminiscing about unsent letters, his soaring voice backed by an anchoring piano and superb noodles. of guitar.

Not all that could be our year is meat and Americana potatoes; the strings help elevate the Holding on for Summer tracks and the title track, and the flute adds welcome color to Sleepwalking. Lesson of the Heart is an outlier with its raspy vocals and grungy guitars. The Edmonton music community should easily welcome Martin based on the solid songs found on This Could Be Our Year.

Listen to This Could Be Our Year on Spotify.

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