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After releasing a handful of singles over the past three years, Gloria Trevi has released her new album, divine island Thursday (April 28). The 12-track set follows her Diosa of La Noche LP, which peaked at No. 11 on BillboardChart of the best Latin albums of (dated June 22, 2019).

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On divine island — which also lends his name to his upcoming world tour which kicks off August 13 at Puerto Rico’s El Coliseo — Trevi stays true to his signature pop ballads that thrive on nostalgia. In “Demasiado Fragiles” and “Se Equivocó”, she sings about the fragility of relationships, a resounding theme in her decade-long career.

But fans will be pleasantly surprised to hear a more experimental side from Trevi as well, who aren’t shy about trying their hand at urban rhythm beats, flamenco undertones and EDM, adding a twist to their staple pop sound. .

Under the Billboard Latin the team recommends five essential leads on divine island:


Trevi isn’t afraid to sing about real-life topics that many of his fans can relate to, and “Se Equivocó” can attest to that. In the upbeat pop track with Spanish guitar melodies, Trevi is about a man who was in two relationships but ultimately, after the rumors unfolded, moved on with one of the women. However, he made the wrong decision. “He was wrong / he left with the other leaving us alone / he left with the bad guy, the one who didn’t love him, the one who cheated on him”, she chants disappointed.

“La Recaida”

This flamenco-inspired pop track speaks, Gloria-style, of heartbreak and forbidden love. The type of love that is addictive even though you know it is not good for you but always makes you want to try “one last time”. Along with its bittersweet lyrics, the track’s captivating Spanish guitars will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Great” with Monica Naranjo

Marking the first collaboration between two big names, Gloria Trevi and Spain’s Monica Naranjo, the disco-pop track is a quintessential Trevi song that will lift you up and make everyone feel like you can take on the world. It is an essential song on the set because it remains faithful to the message of the Mexican artist: to be reborn from the ashes.


In an album where it’s fun and experimental, it’s probably the only track that closely resembles the essence of Trevi’s rocker: fusing rock melodies and hard-hitting drums with some sort of fanfare in the mix. In “Matematicas”, Trevi cleverly uses mathematical terms to talk about a love that not everyone is a fan of but that she is happy about. “They called me failure/I didn’t like subtracting and dividing/I liked looking at the stars without counting/The universe opened up, and I understood the mathematics of our fucking love” , she sings. “You and I are a problem for those who don’t understand,” says another part of the song.

“Demasiado Fragiles”

There’s nothing like a good Gloria Trevi pop ballad that lets her powerful voice shine. Singing with such pathos, for which she is known, Trevi is compelling and moving in her delivery of this heartbreaking track. In this stripped-down track, she sings about the fragility of life and relationships. A reminder to protect yourself and others.

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