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The South is filled with such a strong musical history that has continued to evolve like music, and Texas in particular has always played a huge role in the industry. The unlikely candidates are a good example of this, as the current quartet forged a different path than these early examples of Texan music. These guys definitely fit more into the alternative, indie-rock scene that has exploded since the days of pure country musicians in the area. Now, Texas is just a hotbed for all genres, and the unlikely contestants take on their full meaning with a debut album coming out sooner rather than later, a mix of rock, pop and good vibes.

Even with the delays of the pandemic and other hurdles, the unlikely contestants continue to produce strong singles that show the group are not afraid to change their tune. Learn more about the emerging group in this group fact sheet before they perform at the Volcanic Theater Pub on January 11.

  • Courtesy of Zach Burns
  • New Single From The Unlikely Candidates, “Gemini,” Available On Spotify And Apple Music

Where are they from : Based in Fort Worth, Texas, the band originally formed in 2008 as an acoustic duo consisting of Kyle Morris and Cole Male. Then, in 2013, the band evolved and the newly formed band released their debut EP, “Follow My Feet,” which bore the same name as the band’s first single. They haven’t looked back since.

Members: Kyle Morris (vocals), Brenton Carney (guitar), Cole Male (guitar), Jared Hornbeek (bass) and Kevin Goddard (drums).

What to like: The energy in most of The Unly Candidates hits is contagious. The group finds ways to craft these eye-catching hooks amid epic purlins. The versatility it brings to the table should also be celebrated. The band’s latest single, “Gemini,” sounds like a little disco number for dancing and fun grooves, while “Bells” from 2018 is an anthemic rock song meant to be sung loudly. This versatility is probably the product of their origin and all the influences of the region. Even when the band accepts more pop songs, nothing seems out of place and you feel like the whole band is having a good time when you listen to a song from Improbable Candidates.

Songs to start: “Novocaine”, “Gemini”, “High Low”

For fans of: DREAMERS, The Mowglis, Panic at The Disco

Random fact on the Internet: In an interview with the Daily Rind Blog in 2020, the group shared that at first the guys would rent a room for the group’s rehearsals in a space in Dallas. The owners of the rehearsal space never contacted about payment, and no one was ever there on staff, so the band used it eight or nine times in a row without paying. One day they went to get some food and when they returned the space was locked with all of the group’s equipment inside. In order to retrieve the equipment, they climbed through a vent and “Mission Impossibled” entered them. The mission was a success and they never practiced again.

Unlikely candidates with critics
Tue Jan 11 8 pm-11pm
Volcanic Theater Pub
70 SW Century Dr., Bend
$ 15.

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