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Bambara – Birds

Why we love it: Based in Brooklyn Bambara are back with a new single ‘Birds‘ the second of their upcoming mini LP The love in my head slated for a February 25 release on Wharf Cat Records. ‘Birds‘ is a moody atmospheric track. William Brookshires’ bass gives the eerie feeling of being on the edge of danger, and vocalist Reid Bateh’s voice is full of emotion and passion. The lyrics follow a couple but touch on the darker side of the human condition:

“And the bony kid who broke my nose,
Was happy to pose
Biting into a Bodega rose”

Bambara is rounded out by Reid’s brother, Blaze, on drums. Together they have an extraordinary ability to convey feeling, their music is almost cinematic in its depth. The Bambara leave the listener with images so raw and ‘Birds‘ is no exception as Reid explains:

“’Birds’ compresses the events of several months into three and a half minutes. A time when the couple that we follow throughout the record are getting closer. On the train, they fall asleep and fall asleep, reliving shared moments, when a childhood memory bubbles to the surface of the protagonist’s mind, revealing his complex relationship to the idea of ​​love.

Bambara has also confirmed its headline UK dates in 2022, rearranged several times. Plus they have European shows coming up with SLOW MOTION. As I said, the Bambara are back. (Julia Mason)

Eades – Delusion Spree

Why we love it: Reno‘ through Leeds quintet Eades was one of my standout tracks of 2021, and they’ve now released a new singleIllusion Frenzy, the title track from their digitally released debut album on 4and march and physically on the 6and Can via Heist or Hit.

Distinct vocals, reverberating guitars and pounding drums dominate here to produce a track that’s perfect for the dancefloor. Eades’ work ethic has seen them attract a growing fan base and even though ‘Delusion Spree’ has a slightly softer groove, it’s still very Eades. This band stands out in today’s wonderfully crowded place of quality young bands because the vocals are sung and not shouted or spoken. Musically, it’s the funky yet squeaky guitars plus the combination of bass, synths and drums that Eades uses that gives them their distinctive sound. Lyrically’Delusion Spree’ is about self-reflection and that battle between our public and private selves that can feel particularly divisive in our formative years.

Eades expands on the inspiration behind the song:

“’Delusion Spree’ was a very special song for the band when writing the album. Finishing the song was a turning point when we finally knew how we wanted the album to sound and where we were headed lyrically and soundwise. It sort of opened the floodgates for the rest of the tracks!

Thematically, it encapsulated the disillusionment and confusion we all felt in our early twenties, trying to build a life for ourselves as the world around us seemed to be falling apart. Two years later, I think we all feel very differently about the world and have learned to be much more positive as our hard work over the past two years has started to pay off. Although at the time, I think it’s safe to say we all felt pretty lost.

Live Eades is the real deal and with the announcement of a UK tour in April I’m delighted to say I’ll see you there…… (Julia Mason)

Peaness – How I Feel

Why we love it: Indie-pop trio from Chester thought have published ‘How do I feel’ the second single from their upcoming debut album world full of worry slated for release May 6 via the band’s own label, Totally Snick Records. Peaness are a charming band, with glorious harmonies and smile-inducing indie pop, but don’t let that fool you. As you might suspect given the name of the band if you listen carefully their music is firmly grounded in reality. ‘How do I feel’ opens with crystal clear vocals and precise guitars before packing an extra punch in the chorus. But then an unexpected turn as another change of pace underscores the fact that Peaness is breaking the rules.

Lyrically, rebellion against the ordinary and dissatisfaction with certain aspects of life are the themes. Peaness reminds us that change is possible:

“We have to take a risk,
We’ll burn our uniforms
Break the ordinary
isobars »

Commenting on the track, the band said: “In an unsatisfying job? Need a boost with something in your life or you’ll go crazy? Well, it’s “How I feel” and it can’t be ignored anymore! Among the self-loathing and melancholy, there are sparks of determination and the belief that you deserve more. I hope it will work.”

If this is a taste of what’s to come on their debut album, then I’m in. (Julia Mason)

Pillow Queens – Be by Your Side

Why we love it: Dublin based group pillow queens announced their new single ‘Be by your side, the first of their second album Leave the light on, which is scheduled for release on 1st April on Royal Mountain Records. The Pillow Queens shoot at the very core of your being with their expansive sound and glorious vocals. ‘Be by your side‘ has a steady beat throughout and yet always soars. It grows in passion as it progresses, taking you with it. Pillow Queens’ vocal harmony is simply glorious, and the electric guitar solos add an extra layer of emotion. Its reverb at the end is simply divine.

This song is about the mechanisms that are used to hide your vulnerabilities and carry onsays vocalist/bassist Pamela Connolly. “But also, the feeling of being about to explode and how cathartic it could be to let your emotions out and feel the world around you. It was one of the first songs we finished on the album because it was the fastest to be fully realized by all of us.

The fact that Pillow Queens claim this was one of the first songs they finished on the album surely demonstrates their talent. At almost 5 minutes it goes back and forth with varying quiet and loud parts, and yet the whole thing is another joy from this band which I have no doubt will continue to build on the success of their first album until 2022. (Julia Mason)

English teacher – A55

Why we love it: it’s an instant classic. The repetitive intro riff spins around your paw holes like an elixir, but then strings and synths that sound like a countdown to a space rocket about to take off take over, but they bring you back in time. calm but slightly menacing harmony dripping down to everything to start over and then again, bringing you to the breaking point before it explodes into life. Never mind the A55, it’s more like the Autobahn, roaring like a super car approaching top speed. Absolutely stunning. It could take ten minutes and it would be too short. (Jim Auton)

Beautiful appearance – almost automatic

Why we love it: Keeled scales is an Austin, Texas-based independent record label that can list God Is In The TV company favorites such as Renee Reed, Karima Walker, and Sweet Buck and it looks like they’ve struck gold yet again with their latest signing, Good paces.

Born and raised in small towns in the Lone Star State, the members of Good Looks met and started performing together in Austin and are now set to release their debut album to the world. Recorded and produced by Dan Duzynski, the album is called Disappointing year – release scheduled for the 8thand April 2022 on Keeled Scales – and its opening track is “Almost automatic” and do you know something, it’s absolutely superb.

Good Looks’ Tyler Jordan explains that the song is about “Two smart, decent human beings who haven’t put it all together yet. An unconscious trauma binds little cuties, caught playing their past in the present moment. Wanting to be wanted, wanting someone who’s committed to someone else, wanting someone you can’t have.

What Tyler Jordan doesn’t tell us, however – probably because he’s far too self-effacing to do so – is that with “Almost automatic” Good Looks has crafted an emotionally eloquent epic that soars from the start before finally fading away in a sonic healing vortex of an absurdly crazy guitar solo that conjures fond memories of oldies. big star man Chris Bellis a delicious break in the middle of “I am the cosmos.” (Simon Godley)

You can pre-order Disappointing year HERE

Georgia Maria – An Indian Summer

Why we love it: Singer-songwriter Georgia MariaThe Facebook page of ‘Frankly stated that his latest single’A Indian summer’ is all about “The challenge of clinging to cursed love, knowing it’s hopeless. Propelled by both recklessness and heaviness of heart. This follows the October EP, Only each other has a “last roll of the dice” film production courtesy of the producer Dax Liniere. The atmospheres of the late 80s Daniel Lanois unmistakably come to mind, evoking a redemptive “in-the-moment” acceleration across an arid plain. (Humphrey Fordham)

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