IBARAKI, CLOUD RAT, THE BODY and more among Gimme Metal’s top tracks of the week

Gimme Metal program director Brian Turner presents the top 5 office tracks of the week.

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Ibaraki – “Akumu”

When Triviait’s Matt heavy hosted a special for Gimme guests last year, his black metal jones was going all out with an amazing playlist, and now Ibaraki, his latest project, continues with a definitive curveball for Trivium fans and certainly some nerfs for other contingents. Big contributors will also turn heads, “Tamashii No Houkai”, the first single, sported Ihsahn from emperorand now “Akumu” joins forces with Monsterit’s Nergal for a deep, prog-tinged descent into well-tiered darkness. And get this, Gimme’s shop will have an exclusive vinyl variant limited to 300 available on red vinyl, available now for pre-order here!

The Body + OAA – “Barren Of Joy”

The body have ably proven that they enjoy sharing their sonic sandbox with others (Uniform, You and full of hell), this time they’re teaming up with Portland producer OAA (AJ Wilson) for a rippling, muddy masterpiece full of woofer-flap subsonic frequencies, ambience, and all-around dread. “Barren of Joy” is certainly one of the song titles best suited to previewing what is happening, over four minutes of punches, crackles, thumping samples that climb crescendo.

Cloud Rat – “The Michigan Faith”

As a fellow Michiganite John Brannon from Negative approach/laughing hyenas, Cloud Ratit’s madison marshall‘s yowl comes from the same dusty reel lying under the toilet forgotten in the workshop where the Stoogesfun house has been registered. And something that grime needs dusting off and that’s exactly what this Grind clan did, taking their debut in 2010 and re-releasing it with a rejigging of new effects and guitar parts to release the beast on the Artoffact label on April 15th. We’ll help you unleash the new toddler on your ears with a special guest DJ on April 19. Michigan in the house with a selection of favorite music and of course, Cloud Rat.

Space Coke – Frozen World

On their latest “Lunacy” Space Coke spray the chemicals on the masters and get married Dark purple organ whirlwind with fuzzified riffs and phased vocals that sound like they emerged from a Chromium show in 1979. Lively but well planted in the sludge pit, Space Coke brew up a heady brew of a soundtrack for the cosmos-traveling truckers who ride around in your helmets.

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Come Mierda – Perros


Not a phrase you want to say to Spanish-speaking people you greet, Come Mierda is also a fierce punk/grind combo from New Jersey that easily smothers its sound with a few Death by Napalm heaviness. Cannibal bet has a real grunt in its half-English-half-Spanish belts, the band looms ominously through thrashy outbursts and tempered chill, a band to watch.

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