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Music production company Signature Tracks, which provides custom tracks for a multitude of media, proves that even during the pandemic, business is booming. It is because people always want to listen to music, and the now famous music library has tapped into all of this with increased ingenuity. We recently caught up with BMI affiliate Adam Malka about his success as a hybrid composer and music supervisor for the 14-year-old company he co-founded. Here’s what he had to say.

Signature Tracks has grown tremendously since we spoke to you in 2018. What do you attribute to this success?
Thanks very much! We’ve partnered with Downtown Music Group and now Concord, who have helped us tremendously with our administration as well as Signature Tracks’ overall growth initiatives. This deal has upped our game as well as tightened our team and our goals and spurred us on to really aim for growth…as a result, we grew 40% last year in royalties. Plus, there’s so much content created for on-demand streaming that’s also in conjunction with cable airings that’s attributed to many other new series we’re working on… we’ve been a part of over 20,000 episodes to date since our inception 14 years ago.

Tell us a bit about the projects you have undertaken and how they differ from each other musically.
I oversaw the name change of Miami Housewives with creation for Housewives of Salt Lake, which have been fun sets to work on creatively, fusing thematic sounds with our brand of top 40 super cool beats. We’ve also brought in new production composition teams that really fit our brand of bringing the current top 40 from radio to TV. Iron Chef on Netflix has been another fun project to work on sounds for, neatly fusing a branded series in 2022. Love working on Red table discussion, as well as projects with Will Smith’s production company, Westbrook – it’s special for us because each of us co-founders are from Philadelphia. People may not know this, but Kobe Bryant is part of our creation story as well as the initial introduction of my partner to Jay-Z, which led to commercial success and cemented our reputation in the industry.

In our last interview, we asked you what advice you would give to an aspiring songwriter/producer and you said it was important to find a way to infuse really fresh sounds into the work. What advice would you give now?
Ooof, that’s a great question – right now I’d say this industry is really saturated. I would say really study sounds and hone your craft as a songwriter before moving on to a reputable music production house like Signature Tracks. We get so many submissions and it’s very hard to get on our list, so composers should make sure their sounds are very seasoned and fresh before submitting. Also, be prepared to choose a path, a niche that someone is passionate about, and perfect it. For example, if a composer really likes melodic ethereal sounds, stick with that and find a way to stand out rather than trying to cover all voices and genres. Watch how Labrinth scored his sound for Euphoria. The final piece of advice would be that this is a marathon not a sprint – be prepared to take 5-10 years to become financially successful as a songwriter. Nothing happens overnight, so build the foundation brick by brick with hard work and focus on developing strong relationships with the people in the industry who will stand up for you. Last note, have a praying mom, lolll, for real!

What is the secret of a successful collaboration?
Successful collaboration is really about knowing that the greatest part happens in collaboration. We have sounds that we could never achieve without bringing in the best of each composer’s talents in the specific way they are best at.

How do you juggle between your roles as composer and music supervisor? How do they overlap?
Oh it’s busy, busy everyday and I love what I do so I can’t stop doing what I love. There is a lot of juggling, but I delegate a lot now to trusted people who work for us. I also have an excellent right-handed assistant, Paul Joshu, who is a jack-of-all-trades. Also, a huge continued thank you to our new VP Jaime, who is an absolute beast with the toughest work ethic in the game.

What’s the next step for you?
I see us continuing to broaden and deepen our sounds across all networks, as well as streaming platforms. We have discussed launching a product to rival Epidemic Sound and we may also consult and partner with new publishers to come. I see us continuing to leverage our partnership with Concord, as well as growing our revenue significantly over the next 5 years.

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