Just a Band announce their return after a long hiatus

“The four of us are back to work”, – Just A Band.

Popular Kenyan band Just A Band have officially announced the end of the band’s hiatus. The foursome broke the news Monday on their official handle while sharing a short abstract video.

Just a Band is a Kenyan house/funk/disco band that started their career in 2008 with the release of their debut album, Scratch to reveal.

In the statement posted on their social media, the band said, “…the hiatus is officially over and the four of us are back to work as Just A Band…We have each been out in the world and had a bunch adventures, and we needed time to catch up as humans and friends…”

The band originally consisting of Blinky Bill, Dan Muli, Jim Chuchu, Mbithi Masya explored various musical directions such as jazz, hip-hop, disco and electronica during their time as a band until on their break. Separately, the four have continued to explore their own creative avenues during their separation.

Expressing their gratitude to their undying fans, the band said, “It’s been truly inspiring and heartwarming to hear that our work as a band means a lot to the people there.”

The dates of the new songs will be announced.

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