Katy J Pearson, Kevin Morby and more

Katy J Pearson will follow his debut LP Return – Live4ever’s No. 1 studio record of 2020 – with Sound Of The Morning on July 8.

Pearson resumed work with Return producer Ali Chant, as well as Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey, during the sessions, while the video for the main track Talk Over Town was directed by Abbie Stephens.

“This video was such a joy to shoot – meeting Katy and working with such an outgoing artist who brought so much of herself to the video was such a treat,” Stephens replies. “She is a brilliant collaborator and an artist ready for very big things.”

Foals again premiering Life Is Yours with Looking High.

“It goes back to a more hedonistic time in my life and a more innocent time in society at large, before the pandemic and before the existential threat of climate change,” says Yannis Philippakis.

“It takes place in an Oxford alley with two clubs – The Cellar and The Wheatsheaf – towards which all the nightlife of the city gravitates. This was before the clubs started closing and our cities started turning into more corporate and barren places. There is an element of being haunted by the nightlife that is no longer there.

doldrums black created their video for Dreamcatcher.

As a duo when they were part of the Live4ever’s Presents series in 2018, Sophie Landers and Kevin Gibbard are now joined by Matt Holt on bass, and took a disciplined, thrill-free approach when recording for their debut album began. in 2020.

“The idea was to be absolutely brutal with our songs and cut them down to what we felt was only necessary,” Landers recalls.

Metz singer and guitarist Alex Edkins streams Lusitania as he prepares to release his self-titled strange nightmare album on May 20.

While the songs for this new project were recorded during lockdown, some of them date back much further to 2013 and Edkins is trying hard to avoid it being a ‘pandemic album’.

“I had always planned to finish these songs, but not being able to tour with METZ and being forced to confine myself really gave me a boost,” he explains.

Kevin Morby shared his new single Rock Bottom, one of the tracks recorded as he was gradually joined by his touring band at a studio still under construction in upstate New York.

Going into more detail on the track, Morby explained how street art on his regular commute eventually became inspirational:

“I often walked past a mural by the late James Lee Lindsey Jr. on Main Street (in Memphis), which eventually led me down a rabbit hole to revisit his work, including watching the 2009 documentary filmed during his last days, Better Than Something.”

They hate change have released Blatant Localism from their debut album Finally, New on Jagjaguwar, which is slated for release on May 13.

“As the cycle of rap cliches continues, we remain grounded,” the Tampa Bay duo say. “Rather than flex rental cars and rental jewelry, we’re talking about vintage cameras and how we’ve sold cassette tapes at DIY shows.

“A few minor flexes on designer dogs and core branded pieces, but it’s a break from gimmicks and a PSA for those who continue to live a facade; we ask everyone to show what is really behind the curtain. Blatant Localism is our Skate Punk Jam.

The Goa Express have released their brand new single Everybody In The UK ahead of an appearance at the Wide Eyed Festival in Leicester next month.

“A song written for all of us, Everybody In The UK immerses us all together in a great shared experience, whether we like it or not,” says James Clarke.

“Without a real plan in mind, it quells thoughts of growing up and jokes about how it’s okay not to want it. Everyone is welcome, those who are not on board must be left behind: the journey must continue.

Andre Cushin posted their new single Catch Me If You Can from the debut EP You Don’t Belong which is out April 22.

“Catch Me If You Can is a song I had been finishing for a while but it wasn’t until we started working on it in the studio and adding those backing vocals that it started to shine,” he reveals. he.

“The lyrics are written more like a metaphor. I believe the song is about running away from something. The lines “here’s the girl with bad intentions” and “she’ll come for me and then she’ll come for you” could relate to anxiety, depression, or addiction. That’s what I like about ‘Catch Me If You Can’, the lyrics can be perceived in different ways.

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