“Kharkiv Has Something to Say”: A Guide to Dance Music in Ukraine’s Second City – Features

Are you in Kharkiv now? How was the city impacted by the Russian invasion?

Right now, I’m in the west of the country. It’s safe here, but safety is relative right now. But I want to come back to town as soon as possible, because my parents and my grandmother stayed there. Like many Ukrainians, they don’t want to leave their homes, and for older people like grandma, it’s physically difficult.

About the impact of the Russian invasion… it’s horrible. As you can see from the photos, it’s a different city now. They destroyed many warm places for people. Many people have lost their jobs, many families have been forced to separate for security reasons. Some people have lost their homes. Lots of fear and tears. He will never be forgotten. But the people remain strong and courageous. I believe and I know – Kharkiv will shine again soon!

Your recent release on Livity Sound saw the label donate its share to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. Is there anything you would recommend to the music scene to support Ukraine?

Yes, it’s true. The music scene can do a lot of things.

You can donate directly to Ukrainian funds like savelife.in.ua – which helps the military. hvisthub.com.ua – where you can help animals. Also basic funds like shop.tabletochki.org – they help children with cancer. tvoya-opora.org – they are helping hospitals with medicine right now. These directly help the Ukrainian army, people and animals. Also Kyiv Angels, Closer and Detali aka Port Frankivsk.

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As labels and music agencies, you can also sign more Ukrainian artists now. Because when we win the war, it will help Ukrainian musicians to be more representative on the world stage. Promoters can book Ukrainian DJs and musicians. As a music buyer, you can buy Ukrainian releases, because many musicians have lost their gigs and day jobs (like me for example), so we need your help now.

The main key is to shed light on the situation and support Ukrainian musicians and people in general.

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