KISS ‘Backing Tracks’ Accusations Reignited After ERIC SINGER’s ‘Mistake’ During Antwerp Concert

A rare “mistake” of EMBRACE drummer Eric Singer during the band’s concert in Antwerp, Belgium on Monday revealed what some fans say is proof that EMBRACE uses pre-recorded tracks during its performances.

Several EMBRACE fans who attended the band’s show on June 6 at the Sportpaleis shared a video of EMBRACE the kick off of the set with “Detroit Rock City”, the classic song that has always served as the live opener for the band’s live performances in recent years. At the end of the song, Singerwho played with EMBRACE on and off since 1991, apparently “forgetting to rest for a bar”, according to a YouTube commenter Austin Ogonoski“instead of continuing to play the standard rhythm for two more bars. “After”Eric realizes he’s messed up”, he “starts the drum roll/ventilation a bar late”, which “means Paulit is [Stanley] the vocal track is out of sync with what the band is actually playing”, Austin Explain. “PaulThe track plays, “Everyone’s gonna get out of their seats,” completely out of step with the song and when nobody’s on the mic.”

Another one Youtube user, Jochem Blaauwwho shared the video of “Detroit Rock City” performance shot from a different angle, simply writes in the description of the clip: “Show opening of the Antwerpen show 2022. EricThe rare error at 5:05 makes it even more interesting.” He also commented on another video of the same song, writing, “Excellent quality. Curious about Ericrare error at 5:09 and Paul“sings” right after…”

Some of the other attendees apparently didn’t notice the incident, with Lieven Ostijn write about Facebook: “The show got underway with the opening of the classic show, DetroitRock City…and with many loud pyrotechnic explosions…. Paul Stanley was remarkably good-voiced, and also proved to be one of the best singers in the world.”

Since EMBRACEit is “End of the Road” trek launched in late January 2019, there has been persistent online discussion about Paul reportedly sang on a backing tape. The speculation arose from the fact that Stanley had trouble hitting the high notes in many of the band’s classic songs for several years.

Three years ago, the former SKID RANK singer Sebastian Bach defended EMBRACE against claims that the band uses pre-recorded tracks on their farewell tour, claiming that Stanley sang “his ass off LIVE” at a concert in California. “I saw a much more obvious use of the backing tracks than with EMBRACE“, Sebastian wrote on Twitter.

FOZZY leader Chris Jericho also defended Stanleythe vocal performance of “End of the Road” tour, saying the “Star Child” “has nothing to prove to anyone”. Jericho explained: “He’s one of the greatest rock and roll singers of all time. I think that’s something anyone would say. I’d much rather he used whatever technology was available to not make it look like he’s hurting himself, which then makes me not enjoy the show as much.”

BachComments from came just hours later MOTLEY CRUE bass player Nikki Sixx called out another band for using recorded vocals during their live performances after previously ridiculing other bands for doing the same.

6x wrote on Twitter: “Some bands on the road right now put other bands DOWN and say they’re a REAL rock band, no background singers, and other grumpy old comments except his lead vocals are recorded. people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. #GetOffMyLawn #WizardOfOz”

Most fans assumed that 6x was referring to EMBRACEespecially since Gene Simmons once criticized bands that used backing tapes for not being honest enough to include that fact on their concert tickets.

After EMBRACE played on NBCit is “America has talent” in September 2018, Stanley was requested by rolling stone whether it was actually a live performance or whether he and his bandmates had been following it earlier. “What you tend to do is record it live and that way you know everything is as it should be,” he replied. “It’s not like going into the studio or anything like that. It’s…with all its imperfections, it’s live.”

6x was open about his band’s use of recorded vocals during live concerts, saying, “We’ve been using the technology since ’87.” He added that the band employed “sequencers, undertones, background vocal tracks, as well as background vocals and us. [MÖTLEY CRÜE also taped] stuff you can’t tour with, like cello parts in ballads, etc. We love it and we don’t hide it. It’s a great tool for filling out the sound.”

In a 2014 interview, MOTLEY CRUE guitarist Mick Mars admitted that he was uncomfortable with his band using pre-recorded backing vocals in their live shows, saying he preferred watching bands whose performances are delivered entirely live. “I don’t like it,” he said. “I think a band like ours… I have to say the 60s bands were my favorite – the 60s and 70s bands – because they were real three or four piece bands, and they’re just got there and I made a mistake? So what? It sounded kinda empty here or there? So what? It’s the grandeur and the brutality and the people who developed and wrote the songs and made them and presented. For me, that’s what I really like. I mean, I could put a HETEROCLITY CDs and play with them all day long. I don’t want to do that.”

In 2015, Simmons slammed bands who used backing tracks, saying, “I have a problem when you charge $100 to see a live show and the artist uses backing tracks. It’s like the ingredients of If the first ingredient on the label is sugar, it’s at least It should be on every ticket – you pay $100, 30-50% of the show is [on] backing tracks and they’ll sometimes sing, sometimes they’ll lip-sync. At least be honest. It’s not about accompaniment, it’s about dishonesty.

“There’s no one with a synthesizer on our stage, there’s no samples on the drums, there’s nothing” Embarrassed continued. “There are very few bands doing that now – AC DC, METALLIC, we. I can’t even say that about U2 Where THE [ROLLING] ROCKS. There are very few groups that do not use [backing] tracks.”

Kiss “Detroit Rock City” live at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp, Belgium on June 6, 2022. Here is the opening of the Kiss farewell show as I recorded it.

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KISS – Antwerp – 06.06.22 –
INTRO + “Detroit, Rock City” –

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“People, you are AMAZING!”
Paul Stanley cheering the crowd. And those are big words to hear, after 2 miserable years….

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Yesterday June 6, the American rock band #Kiss stopped at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp for their “End Of The Road…

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