Los Bitchos: the party band that rocks the life of Lindsey Lohan

Los Bitchos are always on the lookout for potential good ideas. Let the festivities begin! is a crow’s nest of shiny musical items, with influences ranging from pop and punk to ’70s Anatolian rock and Latin American cumbia. From the prowling disco of “Las Panteras” to the psychedelic Western “FFS,” the album spans across genres not only over the course of the record as a whole, but also within individual tracks. The album is also peppered with what the band calls “cosmic” synths, just to complement it – thanks to the record’s perhaps unexpected producer.

When you think “internationally inspired instrumental punk,” you’d be forgiven for not naturally thinking of Alex Kapranos, the frontman of Franz Ferdinand and the face of the Wikipedia entry for duffle coats for 15 years. And yet here we are – with Kapranos as the album’s producer.

“Pretty funny, he really likes [the band’s varied influences]“says Serra. “When we started, the project was really born from listening to a Peruvian chicha album. Agustina has its roots in [folkloric genre and dance from Colombia] cumbia, she’s from Uruguay, and we started the band with those influences in mind. Turkish Psychedelia too, because my mother is Turkish. And Alex is really into it all. We had no idea until we talked to him, but he has such a fantastic knowledge of all the types of music we love and a lot of our influences.

Of course, making a record isn’t always easy, no matter how aligned your interests are. When the band tried to play “Try the Circle!”, which Serra describes as “a little bit prog-ish,” in the studio for the first time, no Anatolian rock record was going to help matters.

“We were going to play it to Alex for the first time,” Josefine said with a smile. “And we were all on the mic with the cans on, and he was listening and there was a delay in the headphones, and everything was slightly off.”

“It was impossible to play the game because it all came back to you at a different time,” says drummer Nic Crawshaw.

“It’s just not possible, but we kind of persevered, and Alex is just -” Josefine makes a face that’s no different from what the good people at emojipedia call the “neutral face” – a perfectly flat mouth that reveals nothing. The others laugh.

“Alex is so polite he couldn’t tell, but then, in the nicest way possible, he told us that basically, [the song] was never going to work,” she said. “And we were like, ‘give us another chance! It’s because of the cans! and he was like —” she adopts the very sweet tone of someone gently pulling a toddler away from the unicorn or the fairy they swear they just saw, “- yeah yeah yeah, maybe we should move on?”

“Me and Josie were like, ‘That doesn’t sound good in our headphones!’, and nobody believed us,” Nic said.

Good, they ended up proving their innocence, otherwise the album could have been very different; the songs were rolling, everything was late, and Alex Kapranos at the office wondered why he hadn’t gone into modeling duffle coats full-time instead.

Fortunately, we live in the timeline where Let the festivities begin! everything came out as it should. Circumstances permitting, Los Bitchos will hit the road in 2022, bringing audiences to their own personal party like they always do. And if they get to the Emirates, where Lindsey Lohan is said to have lived, she very Welcome to come.

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