Maltese artists rock our summer vibes with five new tracks

From the brand new New Victorians banger to the new album from Where It’s ATT, there’s something for everyone in Lovin Malta’s latest summer music roundup.

Summer is upon us and our local artists are working hard to make it a memorable time. Take a look at these five new tracks and tag a friend who needs a playlist overhaul!

1. Gilbert Gauci – “My emergency”

Singer-songwriter Gilbert Gauci takes us on a journey of blissful euphoria with his new single “My Emergency,” built around uplifting melodies that will ring in your head.

In ‘My Emergency’, Gilbert creates a sound that embodies the warmth of our beloved summer nights. With relaxing vibrations and travels in good company, you know the sensations.

As an aside, the song was written with American songwriter Eliot DeLay during the 2021 lockdown…using Zoom.

2. The New Victorians – “Running Around”

Fresh off of their acclaimed preview experience in collaboration with Late Interactive, The New Victorians have released their latest single. The first from their upcoming album.

Their brand new song (and video) explores what it’s like to grow up with someone through the different seasons of life.

“We both met our husbands as teenagers as we were looking to become ‘adults’ and navigate life.” This song is a mini tribute to growing up with someone through ups and downs, and finding a home in that person.

The track is the first off their second full-length studio album – Thick Skin, which is due out in July.

3. The Travelers – ‘Is-Sbuħija ta’ Dan iż-Żmien’

Travelers will be showcasing their upcoming single “Is-Sbuħija ta’ Dan iż-Żmien” along with its music video, both of which will be released on July 4, 2022. So check their social media for an update in the coming days.

It seems that over the decades, life becomes more and more difficult and complex. The new generations have to face more difficult times every day.

But only by controlling our fears and emotions and managing our expectations can we truly be happy and healthy.

In their song, the Travelers challenge the increasing difficulty of life and ask: “what does the future hold for us?”

Keep an eye out for their next track.

4. Where’s ATT – ‘Sounds Of The Street II’

Where’s ATT’s second album, Sounds Of The Street II, arrived! Two years ago to the day, the DJ duo released their first album, independently.

Little did we know it would generate millions and millions of streams.

We now have the sequel to that album, and each song is a reflection of the duo’s journey as independent artists.

Feast your ears as you enter Sounds Of The Street for the second time.

5. Raquela – “I wish you good luck”

“I Wish You Well” is the latest single from singer-songwriter Raquela. Written and composed by the artist herself and produced by Matteo Depares, this power ballad is the title track and the second release from Raquela’s mini-EP.

“I Wish You Well” has a very personal meaning for the artist. And for good reason, it was written just after a breakup.

“I started writing the song after realizing I was in a loveless relationship. It helped me find the strength to move on,” Raquela writes.

Want a sad musical moment? Get this track on your playlist now.

6. Myles – “God Will Take You Down”

Mixed and mastered by Graham Coleiro (aka DJ Mac), Myles Azzopardi has released his rendition of God’s Gonna Cut You Down, a heavyweight take on the track made famous by Johnny Cash and later Marilyn Manson.

The song was traditionally an American folk song recorded in 1946, but now Myles has spiced it up, and in such a way that it would make a Maltese metalhead blush.

7. SKALD – ‘Azzar’

And last but not least, SKALD gave us the gem that is ‘Azzar’ – their latest release.

As the band continues to bring Maltese literature and culture to life, “Azzar” draws inspiration from SKALD’s natural storytelling element, giving the song its own unique vibe.

With its catchy beat and a superb inclusion of folk instruments, this track definitely deserves a spot on your playlist.

Without a doubt, these songs must be on your next Spotify playlist. Whether it’s the one you listen to in the car, at the gym, or at home with friends.

Tag someone who needs a playlist overhaul!

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