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United Plugins and SoundDevice Digital have launched MasterMind, a new all-in-one mastering plugin designed for a quick and easy workflow. Is MasterMind your one stop shop for quick and easy mastering?

SoundDevice Digital MasterMind

Mastering is an art that normally requires a studio full of high-end equipment and a skilled engineer with trained ears who know how to make it work. Unfortunately, it’s not always in the budget. For those times when you just want to quickly brush up your tracks and make them sound better and louder in a few simple steps, all-in-one mastering plugins like the new Brain by SoundDevice Digital and United Plugins are a handy solution.

The plugin is built around the To optimise function, essentially a one-button mastering tool. SounDevice Digital says they researched a lot of mastered material to create an algorithm that enhances sound from an audio and psychoacoustic perspective. Like all one-button algorithms, it will adapt to your hardware or not, but if it does, it’s certainly handy.

Matching a track to the sound of a reference track is a technique many of us like to use when mastering, and it’s the second main element of MasterMind. The plugin Match analyzes your material and reference track, then proceeds to create a custom EQ curve. You can adjust the amount of this automatic EQ to apply using the Match button.

Manual settings

That said, MasterMind also has a manual EQ section to refine the high and low frequencies. High and low shelving bands allow up to 16 dB of cut or boost. The low shelf is adjustable from 20 to 150 Hz, while the high shelf is from 3 to 16 kHz. Additionally, the EQ section offers a equalizer tube button that allows you to add the desired amount of tube saturation.

Next comes a Limiter section with the familiar Gain, Threshold and Out Ceiling controls, as well as a Saturation button. SoundDevice Digital claims that the limiter makes soundtracks both louder and smoother.

Additional features include a Stereo width button for quick adjustments to the stereo image and a visual analyzer. MasterMind provides an interesting mix of one-button “magic” and additional controls for manual adjustment. If the algorithms sound as good as SoundDevice Digital claims, it sounds like a great way to refresh your tracks quickly and easily, especially at the low introductory price.

Price and compatibility

SoundDevice Digital MasterMind is now available from United Plugins for an introductory price of 29 €. This is 78% off regular price, which will be €129. A 15-day trial version is available.

The plugin works on macOS 10.10 or higher and Windows 8 or 10. It is available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX sizes.

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SoundDevice Digital MasterMind

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