Moonchild Sanelly: Phases Review – On Track For Global Adulation | dance music

YesYou don’t need a working knowledge of niche South African genres – gqom or amapiano – to appreciate Moonchild Sanelly, a playful, brand-new artist who is based in Johannesburg but enjoys global adulation within reach. hand. Combining the punchy primary colors of Nicki Minaj or Doja Cat with the more avant-garde electronics of MIA, the blue-haired, sex-positive rapper-singer is in a league of her own, mixing snippets of Xhosa with the international language of flexing. .

The most eagle-eared will have timed the rise of Sanelly: her cameo on Beyoncé Lion King The soundtrack of 2019, its team Gorillaz or its killer hook on Mozambique from the Ghetts. But it’s on her own originals that she really shines. Demon is a hard-hitting diss track (“It’s a heifer! A demon!”) whose energy bounces off the many idiosyncratic party tunes here, many of which could be singles. Opposite the emotional range are songs such as Favorite Regret or the eager Bird So Bad, as close as this versatile and bubbly double album comes to vulnerability.

Any fear that such a west-facing album would sacrifice Sanelly’s originality is largely unfounded. Even when she echoes more standard trap pop – Cute (ft Trillary Banks) or Uli (ft Blxckie) – her personality can’t help but distort the form.

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