Recondite selects ten favorite tracks from his label Plangent Records

GERMAN techno artist Recondite aka Lorenz Brunner remains one of the most demanded live artists in electronic music.

Comfortable on taste-creating labels such as Afterlife and Innervisions, the prolific producer returns to his own label Plangent with his seventh studio album, Taum, which will be released next week.

Taum is another extremely personal album from Recondite, but one that sees him push his signature sounds further than ever before with sweet acid, hypnotic drums, mellow grooves and thoughtful chords meeting darker, more daring sounds reflecting his love of hip-hop and grime.

To mark Taum’s upcoming release, we caught up with Recondite to talk about some of his favorite tracks from his label Plangent Records.

Renewal – Robur (PLAN001)

It was the most important track of the first release on Plangent PLAN001. It was sort of a signature guideline for the label and set a certain sound and vibe for the future.

Uchi – Pride is poison (PLAN006)

Dark and melancholy work of Uchi. An exceptional and memorable piece 🙂

Roland Appel – Gonzo (PLAN0010)

An excellent track adapted to the deep dancefloor of my good friend Roland. It was an honor to have him on the label.

Renewal – Tilia (PLAN003)

I still like to play this song in my sets from time to time. It has a very airy and uplifting dancefloor quality that always seems to work well.

Alex.Do – Discharge (PLAN007)

A very powerful and emotional track with an atmosphere surprisingly appropriate to Plangent. A real pleasure for the public and a great track.

Soel – Classified Remote Detachment (PLAN008)

What a sounding track, deep, but still Plangenty! Soel is a super underrated artist in general in my opinion.

Recondite – Durch den Hohlweg (PLANLP001)

Without a doubt the flagship track of my classical and experimental downbeat album “Daemmerlicht”. A very cinematographic work with which I connect many visual memories of childhood from my native region.

Mind Against – LongBrightDark (PLANCOMP001)

Soothing and healing emotional techno by two brothers and good friends of mine – Mind Against.

Alex Do – Rain (PLAN0011)

Rainy techno with a lively rhythm. Whenever I play one of my rare dj sets, it’s usually a part of it.

Recondite – Naif (PLANLP002)

The first single from my next album “Taum”. A different beat – but still 100% Plangent. I love playing that in my sets as an opening or closing, and it’s always a great moment.

Recondite’s new LP “Taum” will be released on January 14 on his label Plangent Records. Grab it here.

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