Rock Band Troy Gracies Paris Shares New Single “Save Yourself”

Rock band Troy Gracies Paris have announced their new single “Save Yourself”. The song was recorded by Tim Lynch in New York and mastered by Brian Lucey in Los Angeles, who has worked with artists like The Black Keys, Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Ringo Starr, etc.

Gracies Paris is a Troy-based power pop rock band formed in 2007 with Carl Ferritto (vocals and guitar), Eric Buechner (drums) and Randy Rose (bass). They recently released their single “Baby Now” which is a high energy rock song with pop sensibilities, no different from their new song. Something the band does to keep listeners tuning in is changing their sound after each song. One single may sound similar to another, but no two songs are quite the same.

New single “Save Yourself” is a high-energy song with a catchy disco-era bassline and dips in the whammy bar. The song contains sarcastic lyrics about self-preservation. The interesting part of the song is that it was recorded with a vintage Supro amplifier coupled with a vintage Leslie speaker. It features heavy guitars with well-sung vocals and album art, which features murky dark water, and an ominous hand sticking out of it.

Be sure to listen to Gracies Paris’ new single “Save Yourself”, out now on all streaming platforms.

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