Santino’s Rooftop “On Heaven” in Playa Del Carmen’s Underground Dance Music Destination –

What could be better than discovering an underground dance music scene nestled in the tropical flora of Mexico?

Located along the coastline of Playa del Carmen, Santino Playa is one of the best hidden spots for underground electronic music. While your mind may immediately jump to Tulum for something like this, the Santino Playa Del Carmen is a dance paradise in its own right.

Hosting open-air melodic house parties Wednesday through Sunday, Santino’s “On Heaven” brings locals and musical travelers together to celebrate vibrant local dance music culture. Its rooftop location features a traditional Caribbean and Latin-inspired dance floor, hosting some of the best producers of moonlit underground progressive house and deep house.

Santino’s “On Heaven” features producers from around the world to host outdoor tropical progressive house parties.

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Booked by Up Entertainment, “On Heaven” showcases the global sounds of dance music on a slice of tropical “heaven” and has featured artists like Antrim, Los Cabra, Luca Cociuffo, Berni, Fran Bux and more.

Once the sun goes down, you’ll never be short of dance music to get you up to speed. Throughout the late night, resident GALGO brings new melodic flavors to the Yucatán Peninsula.

Santino is in heaven

Santino’s “On Heaven” features luminescent flashes for a tropical club vibe.

If you imagine yourself surrounded by the beautiful tropical flora of the Mexican Caribbean coast dancing to unique nighttime electronic dance events, make sure Santino’s “On Heaven” parties are on your bucket list.



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