See ex-Steel Panther bassist perform his first show with a new band

Hollywood Gods N ‘Monsters, the new band starring former Steel Panther bassist Travis Haley, performed their first show this weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“First show in the bag … completely sold out and hundreds of people turned back as it was at full capacity an hour before even going on. Thanks for the support … we promise it doesn’t fall to your ears. deaf nor blind hearts, ”the group wrote in a post on their Instagram.

Footage shot by fans of the band playing mixed songs during the concert was uploaded to YouTube. The show took place at the Boondocks Patio & Grill in Scottsdale on Friday December 10th. See videos and photos of the performance below.

Haley was once known as Lexxi Foxx when he played bass for Steel Panther. The group announced their departure in July and posted a heartwarming video montage thanking them for the memories. Haley confirmed the formation of Hollywood Gods N ‘Monsters in September, alongside her longtime friend and MTV star Diggity Dave.

“I am very proud of what I have accomplished with my other group,” Haley said in a statement. “Nothing can take away the memories and the camaraderie that have existed for all these years, but I just felt it was time for something new. When I heard this music, I knew it was was the group of friends and the music I wanted to collaborate on. “

Weeks later, the bassist admitted that there had been “some sore points” with his former Steel Panther bandmates about his departure, though he still fondly remembers his tenure in the band. .

As for Steel Panther themselves, they’re currently running a competition to find a new bassist, and fans are welcome to help them with the process. Discover the group of finalists here.

Hollywood Gods N ‘Monsters, “Rock of Ages / I Love Rock’ n ‘Roll”

Hollywood Gods N ‘Monsters, “Walk This Way”

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