Sonic Frontiers has 150 tracks and Most music tracks in the series – Most of this music track, or most of a game Most in the series

Firecrackers are the way, we hope. Sonic Frontiers will have 150 music tracks, the most of any game in the series. The original will also be available as a stream of the video shortly after release, and the full album titled Stillness & Motion.

We don’t have a tracklist yet, but it’s very likely that Stillness & Motion will be the first to feature the songs we’ve already heard in Frontiers promotional material. We know this theme will include my “Sound” theme if you haven’t heard it already! A physical version of the album will also be released on six CDs and will be released in a booklet and backstage edition.


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According to the Japanese version of the Sonic site, Stillness & Motion will cost 8,000 yen. It’s around 50, which is a bit different from what we would like to find back home.

How do we get 150 titles? I can’t seem to get the many songs I’m going to cram into Frontiers, even though it’s an open area game. Although the old scene is set to return, it’s possible that the album will contain tracks from previous games, and possibly even remixes.

However, there are not many regional differences between players on how they are used. As we reported recently, we already know that the Japanese release of Frontiers will be very different from the US and European release. In Japan, Sega is leaning towards a darker, more secluded experience, so it’s likely the choice of music reflects that. On the other hand, the West seems to be picking up the tone we were used to. If there are no music changes between regions, it is possible that Stillness & Motion brings all the instruments together, making the sound only available in one place.

Stillness & Motion will be released on December 8 just one month after Sonic Frontiers.

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