Sports Team, Eyedress, SixSaidIt, Aqua, Lil Eazzyy: Tuesday Runways

Sports team, courtesy.

The stoner/skater rockers Eyedress, the synth-dance pop band of Virginie Heartracer, the infectious bubblegum pop of the 90s of Aqua, the electrifying guys of the London sports team and the hip-hop rhymes of SixSaidIt and Lil Eazzyy are our favorite tracks of the week.

Eyeglasses, “In The Dog House” – Manila-born, LA-based artist Eyedress brings the darkwave vocals of Paul Banks to life. The song starts out crisp and dark with a bit of a new-wave sound. Then the stoner-rock song slows down with guitars that get a little fuzzy. The video is funny and quite ironic. It puts the word “papers” in a whole new light. Pro skateboarder Franky Villani also makes his first music video appearance here.


Aqua‘Barbie Girl’ – It’s ridiculously hard to believe Danish 90s band Aqua released their debut album, Aquarium, 25 years ago. “Barbie Girl” is one of those songs you probably wish you never heard. It will never leave your head and the lyrics will remain etched in your mind forever (note: it’s true). An earworm of a musical gem, this bubblegum pop song is pure delight. I don’t know how this song has stood the test of time, but it has. The reissue comes out in September. So, “Come on Barbie, let’s party.”

heart runner, ‘Edge Of My Heart’ – If you’re a Saint Lucia fan, there’s no denying you’ll love Heartracer. The band from Richmond, Virginia bring the synths and create a dance party with this song. It starts with a big ballad sound, and once the vocals kick in, there’s no stopping the head banging. “Edge Of My Heart” is a contagiously sweet pop song. Brothers Chris and Chip Cosby wrote about a good relationship rather than all the toxic relationship songs these days. You will sing.


Sport Team, “The Drop” – Bring on the Brits! If you disappeared real British music, these guys have it all. Take the post-punk sharpness of Franz Ferdinand, the speaking-singing voice of Eddie Argos of Art Brut and add a touch of Pulp to the lyrics, and you get Sports Team. The band spices up the song with some angular guitars, a singalong chorus and an eerie frenetic energy. It’s catchy, it’s oh so british, and it’s a song that should be repeated. As the band says, “Let it drop”.

lil eazzy, ‘Up There’ – Chicago’s exercise era is in full swing with Lil Eazzyy on the mic, spitting with a staccato flow with a clean, smooth delivery. Eazzyy emphasizes his lethality while taking time to pay tribute to one of his fallen friends. Eazzyy isn’t performing, however, as he wants to make an impact with this new generation of MCs.


SixSaidIt, ‘Choosey’ – Jumping across the pond, we have a new single from SixSaidIt, which raps over this hypnotic clarinet instrumental. Six explores her ability to have a wide range of options to choose from among men in the dating pool. She accentuates her influence over them. When you have that kind of attraction, it only makes sense to be selective.

Rachel’s Choice: From the first notes, I was sure that FFS was back! Sports Team is as eccentric and weird as Sparks, with Franz Ferdinand’s angular rock and pop dance. This band is ridiculously good and ‘The Drop’ is so catchy – a band that clearly wears their influences on their sleeves. Sports Team delivers guitar riffs for days and lyrics almost as cool as Jarvis Cocker (Pulp). It’s hard to pull off! I listened to this song over and over. Now please come visit the pond. I’m waiting.

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