The debut of Eddie Nebula’s new band

Easily one of the best rock voices in the ROC, Eddie Nebula leads his new band, the BuzZmires, into the fray of the 21st century.

When I first heard the band’s name, I thought it sounded like an appliance store from around 1967: “Come to BuzZmires for a new washer and dryer and don’t get buzzed on the price. You had the idea.

Well, the new year has brought us news and joy from COVID-Claus and the kind of encouragement kids kill for, like a new four-song EP from BuzZmires. It’s all about Nebula Schlock with wry jingoism and snappy lyrical twists along the way. How funny. Lyrics like “I remember what you were wearing, because it landed on my floor, the first night I spent with you.”

On this debut EP, the BuzZmires have an impressive lineup to match Nebula’s four-octave lineup, which includes Karl Hungus on guitar and vocals, Mel Muscarella on keyboards and vocals, Andy Hynes on bass and John Brown on drums. Muscarella has since left the band and they have just added Adam Palumbieri on the keys.

Live – they’ve only had one gig – they dive deep into 80s pop and the angrier rock of Nebula’s old days. The thing is, it never gets old.

Jon Gary and cheekbones

MMXXI; pandemic, insurgency and life songs in 2021.

The material the bands are blessed with is a blessing to all ears, thanks in part to the downtime the pandemic has left us. Jon Gary and the Crabapples “MMXXI; songs of pandemic, insurgency and life in 2021”, is a clear and present example for your listening pleasure. Let’s deconstruct a bit, shall we?

“Picture the Truth”, the first track offered, sounds oddly understated and disco sounding, but more in the way a band like U2 might handle it. This falls into “Hey Bluebird”, with its subtle ring of soft reverb and twang, which in reality adorns the five pieces of this slab-o-plastic. Pick it up if you like guitar rock ‘n’ roll and that peaceful, easy feel it gives. There is a lot of joy, it is deeply hidden in the intention of Gary and in the message of the whole collection. Dig deep…it should help some.

Frank De Blase is the music writer for Rochester Beacon.

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