The Greater Victoria Ladies Band on the Willows Stage with Timeless Hits on July 21

Freeze Frame gives audiences a blast from the past this Thursday (July 21) at Willows Park from 6-8 p.m., returning for the first time since performing there at the Oak Bay Tea Party in 2019.

Composed of drummer and sound effects specialist Paul McLellan, wife and lead vocalist Lisa McLellan, lead guitarist Steve Moyer and bassist Steve Hansen, Freeze Frame merges great friendship with timeless hits from the 70s, 80s and beyond. of the.

“The focus is on fun,” Lisa said. “We want to play music that makes people want to dance.”

The group, reunited in 2017 by former members of The Waybacks, brings a fluorescent “checkerboard” aesthetic to the stage and features its own stage technician and vintage car restorer, “Dave the soundman”.

While The Waybacks favored more theatrical performances with routine wardrobe changes, the McLellans and their friends wanted a band that felt slightly more authentic and only required one outfit per show.

“We were looking for an act with less work,” Paul explained. “That’s kind of how it turned into Freeze Frame.”

Their band’s goal, Lisa said, is to connect their fellow Victorians with classic tunes from decades past, whether it’s 70s disco or 2000s Lady Gaga bangers. “It’s definitely focused on the 80s. So I guess we say 80s and beyond.

In her teaching class in Sooke, she asks students to predict which songs, old or new, will become the next trends. His students are usually on top of their guesses, never failing to amaze him at how much more savvy young music lovers are today. Lisa uses their foresight to help compile the band’s next set list.

Freeze Frame prides itself on how it interacts with its crowd, handing out prizes to random audience members for their dance moves and blasting shirts into the abyss – “I’m bad with the shirt cannon”, said Lisa when asked if she played an instrument. .

She expressed how nice it is to have a concert in front of an in-person lined-up audience.

Paul added: “We find that the crowds (in Willows Park) are really receptive and easy to convince.”

He noted that it was not limited to music and public performances for them.

“We are not just musicians working together. We are all very good friends.

Freeze Frame members living nearby, Paul and Lisa hold regular rehearsals and jam sessions at their home and use in-ear monitoring and electric drums to avoid disturbing others.

As Lisa said, “We love technology and we love our neighbors.”

In the past, Hansen played with golden rock ‘n’ roll band Rukus, while Paul, who currently balances drums for the Soul Shakers, played for country band Garry Lee and the Showdown, who recorded the treble 1980’s platinum, Juno-nominated hit “The Rodeo Song.”

Freeze Frame recently performed in Elk/Beaver Lake for the Saanich Strawberry Festival.

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