The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Episode 2 – Leo Sigh

While Netflix’s new crime drama DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story doesn’t feature a huge number of songs on its soundtrack, the songs playing on it are pretty darn good.

Songs like KC & The Sunshine Band ‘Please don’t go‘, which appeared on Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Episode 2 this week.

This song was heard while Dahmer is back in his room, drinking beer and playing with the dummy he stole from the clothing store.

KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘Please don’t go‘ was the second single the band released from their sixth studio album Do you want to party, which the disco/funk band released in mid-1979 on the TK label.

Although it was a huge hit for the group, reaching the charts in 13 countries, including the United States, and No. 1 in three of them, it was the last big hit for KC & The Sunshine Band as the original band since they broke up in 1979 and founder Harry Wayne Casey (aka KC) went solo.

The song itself is written from the perspective of wishing that the person the singer loves would not leave, but rather give them another chance.

Listen to KC & The Sunshine Band’please don’t go‘ of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in the video, and on the funk band Do you want to party album.

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