The most successful band member replacements of all time

Tortured Seattle native Layne Staley, armed with one of the most haunting vocals in rock history, might just be the greatest singer of the 90s. Unfortunately, the Alice In Chains legend has overdosed in 2002, according to the New York Times, joining other grunge rock legends in untimely death. His passing was nonetheless a tragic blow felt in the music world.

Still, Alice In Chains persevered with its remaining members, with guitarist-songwriter Jerry Cantrell serving as the creative lead. Cantrell can certainly sing, but he chose to share vocal duties with longtime friend, Comes With The Fall singer William DuVall. Obviously, filling Staley’s shoes wouldn’t be an easy task, with DuVall telling Kerrang, “There was an incredible amount of internal pressure inherent in the situation. Add to that all the outside noise around us, especially at this time, starting in 2006. It was incredible.”

Cantrell agreed, saying sound louder, “We knew that this [William] was going to have to go through was really hard – getting into a band that has a story… I thought he could do it and he proved me right. He’s a big reason we could move forward.” It was impossible to avoid fan skepticism, but Duvall was the real deal. Anyone who doubts his abilities should listen to his work on “Your decision” and “Black gives way to blue” from the band’s 2009 album of the same name.

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