The popular Egyptian group Massar Egbari will give two concerts in Berlin, Paris on June 3 and 4

The popular Egyptian group Massar Egbari will give two concerts in Berlin and Paris in early June.

Massar Egbari will celebrate the launch of his latest album entitled “Nos El Hagat” (Half of Things) with his Arab audience through a concert that will take place in Berlin on June 3 at the Oyoun Theater and another concert that will take place in Paris in Pan Piper Theater on June 4.

It should be mentioned that Massar Egbari performed at the Cairo Convention Center on March 18.

Massar Egbari performed at Zamalek Theater on July 21, 2021.

The famous Egyptian group performed at the Cairo Opera House on July 22, 2020.

Massar Egbari gave an online concert as part of the We Online Music Festival II on June 15, 2020.

In March 2020, Massar Egbari performed his first live concert online in Egypt on Facebook and YouTube to encourage people to stay home and counter the spread of coronavirus.

In addition, the Egyptian group participated in the events of the Arab Youth Festival which started on March 19, 2019.

Massar Egbari was the only Egyptian group to perform at the festival.

The group presented a mixture of different fusions of Arabic music in a series of mass concerts which took place at Martyr Park in Kuwait.

Their third album consists of ten songs which were filmed as music videos; the album is considered to be different from the band’s two previous albums.

Massar Egbari is an Egyptian rock band founded in Alexandria in 2005.

The group released their third album “Mosawamat” (Bargains) in July 2019, which brought them back to the music scene three years after releasing their album “Toqa’a w tqom” (Fall & Rise).

Massar Egbari received the title of Young Artist for intercultural dialogue between the Arab and Western worlds.

Additionally, UNESCO honored Massar Egbari in 2011 in Paris.

The famous Egyptian group participated in the Black and White Music Festival which started on November 16, 2018 at Family Park in Al Rehab city.

The opening ceremony of the festival saw for the first time the participation of the most popular Egyptian groups such as Black Theama, Sharmoofers, Wust El-Balad, Karakeeb and Disco Misr.

The Black and White Music Festival was considered the first musical carnival of its kind in Egypt. Egypt’s six most famous bands performed on stage on the longest continuous music day that lasted 12 hours under the media auspices of Youm 7.

Massar Egbari, in cooperation with famous singer Ahmed Sheba, previously released a song called “Enzel we Sharek” (Get out and participate), which called on citizens to participate in the referendum on the constitutional amendments.

The song was released under the tagline “For our country and for future generations, get out there and participate”.

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