The vocal queen of dance music, HALIENE releases her first studio album “HEAVENLY”

Acclaimed singer HALIEN is thrilled to finally share her debut studio album, “Heavenly”, with the world. With feature films and collaborations with dance music giants such as Armin Van Buuren, Excision, Seven Lions and Gareth Emery at – most recently – ILLENIUM (on his GRAMMY nominated and Billboard winning album ‘Falling Embers’), she is one of electronic music’s most trusted singer-songwriters, now breaking new ground as a solo artist herself.

“Heavenly”, HALIENE’s groundbreaking 12-track work features two poetic meditations, 10 original solo tracks, including her duet with singer/producer AMIDY, “Parachute”, her previous on-air hit, “Glass Heart” and his third partnership with Markus. Schulz, “Metamorphosis”.

In her own words, HALIENE describes the album as being “designed and written to lead the listener deeper into themselves and their true nature. I believe that we are not forever bound to this land, but a part of us yearns for home, for freedom in the celestial realms, and when we come to terms with this truth, everything begins to make sense and align here. I wanted to explore lyrical topics that cause us all to question and struggle with our deepest nature in this album like vulnerability, finding strength in fragility, grief and loss, forgiveness, transformation, unconditional love, intuition and connections that seem to transcend time and planes of existence. I have a great love for poetry, and every word on this album has purpose and meaning.

HALIENE – Celeste

01. Ships [Intro]
02. Heart of Glass
03. Under My Skin
04. Reach For The Sky
05. Walk Through Walls
06. I Can’t Leave
07. Parachute (with AMIDY)
08. Millions of Miles
09. Forgive yourself anyway
10. Butterfly
11. Metamorphosis (with Markus Schulz)
12. Celestial [Outro]

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