Tracks of the Week: New Music from Thunder, Joe Satriani and More

It was heartwarming to see people rally behind Pink Floyd Hey hey get up this week, ushering him into the gold medal position in our Runway of the Week roundup and raising awareness and funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine in the process. It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway: congratulations to all the participants.

Second and third place went to the Commonwealth States, Australia and Canada, while Datura4 from Perth took second place with open the linewhile The Sheepdogs of Saskatoon brought up the rear with so far gone.

This week? It’s a new battle. From! And don’t forget to vote.


Zach Tabori – Sweet Baby Angel

Forget winter, skip spring – your new ultimate summer song has arrived, and it really rocks. A shiny, shimmering groovefest with a heart of gold and hips like Mick Jagger after a few wines, it’s smoother than a Haribo factory and guaranteed to stick in your head for all time…Or at least a very long time, as befits the happiest West Coast vibes, with one foot in Laurel Canyon and another in 70s disco.

Thunder – Across the Country

True to the name of their new album, Dopamine, Thunder keeps the classic rock bangers alive with this latest dose. If you play guitar (and even if you don’t, frankly), you’ll want to play the riff in this one, such is its meatier breadth. Catch the band at an arena near you in May, with local faces Kris Barras, Piston, These Damn Crows and Massive Wagons supporting on various nights.

New Sol – Song of the Flowers

Do you remember “Kiss Guy”? The fan who four years ago took the stage with the Foo Fighters in Austin – in full Kiss war paint – and absolutely nailed Wrench, happily, while Grohl watched with unflinching delight and all was well with the world for a few minutes? Well, his name is Yayo Sanchez, and he has a trio called New Sol, who put out this sweet mix of heat from the Beatles, Bowie and ELO. All sunset tones and a bit gorgeous. Those to watch.

Witches Fever – Blessed are you

Take a trip to the dark side via this menacing ball of fire and fuzz, with a wild soul and a punk rock spine. “It was literally the last song we wrote before we hit the studio,” says bassist/backing vocalist Alex Thompson, “but we came together really quickly. I think it still has an essence of some of our old materials, so it’s a good way to bridge the gap. Discover them on tour in April and May.

Joe Satriani – The Elephants of Mars

He boogied with hordes of locusts, surfed with aliens, rocked with wormhole wizards, and transported listeners to a host of other places using three chords and the truth (by which we mean “a billion chords and a load of wonderful lies”..and still tipping over in the process). Now he’s getting weird with Martian elephants. Of course he is; Satch has specialized in twisting his guitar into crazy shapes for over three decades now. As long as his imagination and fingers maintain their powers like this, it’s hard to see him stopping.

Sandgaard – Believe

Here’s a question we thought we’d never ask: what do you get if you cross paths with Charlton Athletic Football Club owner and former Lynch Mob/Warrant singer Robert Mason? The answer, we can reveal, is Sandgaard, a melodic rock side project by globe-trotting Danish entrepreneur Thomas Sandgaard, who is more normally found holding high-level meetings at the product wholesaler of Zynex Medical electrotherapy. It would be easy to dismiss this as a vain project, but Believe is undeniably smooth, with Sandgaard a clearly skilled guitarist. File under “oooh, I didn’t expect that”.

Beth Blade and the Beautiful Disasters – Sin Eater

In the age of short attention spans, we don’t know why a band would choose to add a two minute preamble to their video where not much is happening, but stick to the cap and Beth Blade sin eater will reward your patience. The chorus is big, the guitar solo is bigger, and Beth’s voice rides along just like Boudicca ripping St Albans to pieces. Speaking of English country towns, this preamble was filmed at Scriveners in Buxton, the only second-hand bookstore that we know of that has its own harmonium.

The 69 Eyes – Driving

Conduct is the first single from Finnish vampire rockers The 69 Eyes in three years, and it’s pretty good too, with a Billy Idol-esque vibe and a video shot deep in the heat of the Los Angeles night, as one could imagine. wait there. “Inspiration came from the same pool of music that I’ve always loved, mostly from the 80s,” says guitarist Bazie. The band are currently in the studio recording their 13th album, which will hopefully be released in 2023.

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