Tracks of the week: new music from Tigercub, Dan Patlansky and more

When a husband and wife rooted duo from deepest Essex triumph Foo fighters and Dark purple, then you know something’s going on.

And so it is with great pleasure that we can announce that When Rivers Meet – a roots husband and wife duo from deep in Essex – triumphed over Foo Fighters and Deep Purple in our most recent shindig Tracks Of The Week.

So well done to them. And here they are again. Our latest selection of movers, groovers and shakers follows.


Rot TV – Ready to Die

Australia is hot when it comes to bands that play cheeky, boozy boogie rock – the kind that makes you feel lost just listening to them. ROT TV are the last bearers of this noble torch, led head-on by cowardly and sleazy singer Harriet Hudson-Clise, and awaits you in February 2022 with a new album, Tales Of Torment. If Amyl & The Sniffers formed a pub-rock band with the Damned and listened to more Chuck Berry, they might have ended up like this. Less socio-political fire, more dancing. Dying has never seemed so fun.

Tigercub – IWGFU

Another party track, albeit with a darker belly (to be expected, perhaps, with an acronym that we’re pretty sure doesn’t mean ‘I Wanna Get Fantastically Universal’ …). “It’s all about drinking,” says mastermind Jamie Hall, “and that moment where despite my best efforts to abstain, my impulse always takes over and I say, ‘fuck it’ let’s go big. A fuzzy and fierce contortion of riffs, melody and mania, the new single from the Brighton rockers is the kind of thing you would want to hear on your first time at a moshpit or a club night – all heavy flavors but slinky, heavy bass from Muse and Royal Blood.

Shy Harry – Are you doing well

Frontman Eric Bolton appeared in TOTW as a soloist. Now he’s a part of Canadian rocker Shy Harry, armed with an energetic and vigorous marriage of rock’n’roll roots and REM-esque light n ‘shade. A fast-paced yet thoughtful affair, with Bolton’s honeyed grater up front and center, it has the kind of familiar feel that will make you think you’ve heard it somewhere before, probably in the ’90s – with a whisper of dust. barn hoedown in those rattling southern guitars.

Smoking Martha – Wild And Free

No more Australian activity, this time boasting noise makers Smoking Martha. Wild And Free is a big piece of groove that sits somewhere between The Pretty Reckless, Poison and Van Halen, with flashy ’80s guitars and a bit of Gwen Stefani in the pipes of singer Tasha. Do you like what you hear ? You won’t have to wait long; their new album, Universe, is released in December.

Dan Patlansky – Free Dogs

“[It’s] the story of the Blues cliché to sell your soul to the devil, ”says the South African blues maverick, of this taste of the next upcoming album, Shelter Of Bones (due out in February), which mixes blues rock with SRV accents with funky jabs, organ gauze and even fusion-y touches. “I’ve always been fascinated by the story of Robert Johnson and other bluesmen who sold their souls.”

Hixtape – I smoke weed

A little trip to country now with rising roots singer Ashland Craft and our old friends the Osborne Brothers. Part of the brilliantly named Hix rape; Volume 2 collection (described as “the ultimate mix of backroad bangers and friendly country hymns”) I Smoke Weed’s message isn’t exactly cryptic, but it does make it a sweet, swaying mix of southern melody and smoke from campfire bang.

A’priori – In pursuit of the dragon

From smoking weed to chasing the dragon: it looks like it’s all about illegal substances this week, it seems. But while Hixtape’s song sends a positive message about marijuana use, A’priori’s Hunt the dragon does the opposite, reasonably enough, with respect to heroin. “The drugs have a hold on you“sing the Blackpool rockers,”it does not let go it kills you. “Well, they really went and toughened our mellow, man. Still, the song is an epic. Floydienne to scale, as they say.

Bros – Sad Christmas

It’s our old Bros friends (no, no this a, we are continually forced to say it), Ewan and Shamus Currie from the extremely excellent retro-rockers Sheepdogs. They released a six-track Christmas EP via digital platforms titled Yet another Christmas of the brothers, and the ballad à la Suggie Otis Sad christmas is the opening air. It is perhaps the saddest song we have ever heard, with a desperate organ and traditional sleigh bells adornments. It’s so entrenched in loneliness, in fact, that we may have to buy a cat. Just for the business.

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