Warner Case Delivers Volume 3 of Mesmerizing EP “Dance Music for Dancing”

As one of the fastest growing superstars in the house music community, Warner Case is a blend of talent and expertise. Residing in New York, Case is a classically trained percussionist and self-taught producer. This gifted person can also sing, write breakthrough songs and play various instruments.

Another accomplishment by case is his modeling career, in which he is currently a global brand partner. Wilhelmina Models. His mixing abilities are also phenomenal, having performed alongside big-name artists, such as Dom Dolla, City of the Gorgon, Disclosureand The magician. CaseThe unique style of groovy house music has received support from prominent EDM leading figures, such as Louis the child, Latroit, Kaskadeand many more.

Recently, Case has been tearing up the scene, with his recent collaborations of “summer indoors” with Toned Jeans and “believe in ghosts” with the king of the Dutch house Olivier Heldens. Double up on that hot streak, Case brings to his fanbase the third volume of his quirky EP ‘”Dance music to dance“. The EP features seven funky tracks that will get listeners moving on the dance floor.

Warner Case – Dance Music for Dance Vol.3

Speaking about the project, Case shares, “This EP is really exciting for me because it covers a wide range of the types of music that I like to make. there’s some more vicious stuff, some more heavy stuff… but all the good stuff that makes me want to dance. The songs represent years of demos, some of which I only recently figured out how to complete, and some that seemed to end instantly.

Fall on the prestigious Margin recordsthis historic compilation has all the ingredients for a non-stop disco party.

Listen to the songs HERE!

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