Watch the Ohio State’s Athletic Band tribute to Van Halen

The Ohio State Athletic Band paid tribute to Van Halen during their annual halftime show at Ohio Stadium in Columba on Saturday, April 16.

The eight-minute exercise display included takes on “Runnin’ With the Devil”, “Dreams”, “Panama”, and “Jump”. An audience of 60,000 attended, with the game ending in a 34-26 victory for the Ohio State Scarlet offense over the Ohio State Gray defense.

The Van Halen tribute can be viewed below.

The group consists of 250 to 300 members each semester and rehearses twice a week, while smaller groups of its musicians are selected for different types of performances.

“Unlike the Marching Band, the Athletic Band includes all brass, woodwind and percussion,” his website bed. “Athletic Band is an open-ended ensemble, which means everyone is welcome to participate. …Among the Athletic Band’s highlights are full pregame and halftime shows at the annual spring game, performing Script Ohio on Ice at a half-year hockey game, and performing Script Ohio on the court during a spring semester basketball game.

Tribute to Van Halen of the Ohio State Athletic Band

Last week, former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed that Alex Van Halen had invited him on a Van Halen-based tour with Joe Satriani as lead guitarist. But Newsted felt it was not possible to do justice to the legacy of the late Eddie Van Halen. “How can you?” he said. “There’s no one who can top him, so how do you show him honor? I didn’t want it to be seen as a cash grab. And then it all kind of fell apart.

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