Yes sir, the band I Can Boogie say ‘the first Scottish gig was one of the best ever’

THE band behind Yes Sir, I Can Boogie hailed their Scottish debut gig as one of the best they’ve ever played.

Baccara landed in Scotland this month to play their first Scottish gig at the Doune The Rabbit Hole festival near Stirling.

The band’s 1977 disco hit regained its place in the charts after it became Scotland’s unofficial anthem for its Euro 2020 campaign.

It came after the Scottish national team were filmed singing the hit after beating Serbia on penalties to reach their first major tournament since 1998.

Band member Cristina Sevilla told the Sunday National the gig was her first appearance in Scotland – and it’s not one she will forget.

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Sevilla joined the band with original member Mayte Mateos after the band broke up. While Maria Mendiola, the other half of the original pop group, continued as Baccara, Mateos called his band New Baccara.

Sevilla would later join Mendiola’s version as well, taking their disco hits across Europe. But Scotland is a new country for her.

“I have lots of friends in Scotland who work on the Costa del Sol but I had never played here,” she said.

Her first time in the country turned out to be a huge success, however. The singer said the concert led to some of the best feedback she has ever received.

“I have no words to describe how lovely the Scottish public is,” she said. “It’s one of the best comebacks of our career. It was fantastic.”

It’s perhaps no surprise now that the song received more than a warm reception from a Scottish crowd, but its comeback was not something the members of Baccara were expecting.

Sevilla recalled the time Mendiola phoned him after the Scots went crazy over the melody.

“When Maria called me, she was as excited as a girl. She said, ‘Cristina, did you hear about the video that went viral?’

“When they won against Serbia, in the dressing room it was amazing, and Maria was so excited.”

Mendiola died soon after, aged 69 in September 2021.

Helen de Quiroga then joined Sevilla to continue playing under the Baccarat name.

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie continued their notoriety in Scotland when The Fratellis released their cover.

While Sevilla called this version ‘nice’, they said it wasn’t Mendiola’s ‘cup of tea’.

Sevilla added: “I think after 45 years it’s amazing that anyone wanted to record a new version. It’s fantastic. It’s timeless.

When asked what it was like to join a band that had sold tens of millions of records, she said that as a young woman it was like “playing in the premier league”.

Sevilla said they plan to continue the band but want to honor the legacy of former bandmate Mendiola.

“We were preparing a new album when Maria passed away. All the fans and our friends said we should continue but we want to keep Maria’s memory and legacy alive.

“We want to continue in this direction, trying to keep the elegance of before and of course the memory of Maria.”

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